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Jedhi Mind Tricks- Survival of the Fittest: Is It Better to Give or Receive?

Survival of the fittest is the pervading theory on survival. According to Darwin, only the strongest survive. They’re the winners that take all and conquer all. 909 more words

Jedhi Mind Tricks

Getting what you want.

Is taking what you want and getting what you want the same thing?

I have been asking myself his question for a couple of days. It’s honestly what I think about when my mind wanders away from me. 168 more words

The Comfort Zone And How To Get Out Of It

What is The Comfort Zone?

If you haven’t already heard about the infamous confort zone, you’re in for a treat. After I found out for this rule/law and implemented changes according to it, my life improved dramatically. 467 more words


Definition of a Renegade

*An individual who rejects conventional behavior; a rebel.

Yep, that is definitely me and I fully own it. I have never lived my life by the so called “rules” that society has. 33 more words

Microsoft Tells US: The World’s Servers Are Not Yours For The Taking

Link to article.

Redmond says the US would be aghast if a foreign government behaved as it does.

Microsoft’s fight against the US position that it may search its overseas servers with a valid US warrant is getting nasty. 506 more words