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Bias: The Modern Standard of Journalism

Considering the extreme of bias in the media, Mike Daisey’s lies in his monologue on TAL, it concerns me that even such egregious extended truths can so easily be construed by listeners as reality, if labeled as journalism.   439 more words


Avoid Burning Squirrels - Have a Plan!

On a very old episode of This American Life a veteran police officer recalls an incident from his rookie days and shares the lessons he learned, but the one I took away:  65 more words


Pushing Up "Daisey"s: The Death of Credibility

Listening to Mike Daisey try to defend himself in “Retraction” was extremely painful. About a week ago when I first listened to Daisey’s  543 more words


Review Of The Lesser Key Of Solomon by A Sound Of Thunder

Band: A Sound Of Thunder
Album: The Lesser Key Of Solomon
Release Date: 9 September 2014
Buy digital ($4) or CD ($10) on Bandcamp… 915 more words

Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia Metal Scene


Ira Glass of This American Life (TAL) is justified in his anger.  In confronting Mike Daisey in the lies he expressed in his monologue on… 602 more words


"Truth" is in the eyes of the beholder

We all watch the news and believe everything they tell us. The media would never lie, right? Or are we just expected to take every single thing we hear with a grain of salt? 572 more words


The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

After listening to Mike Daisey’s monologue last week, I was completely sold on the validity of his story. Hearing Mike so precisely, so vividly, and so confidently describe his trip to the Chinese factories left not even an inkling of doubt in my mind about the accuracy of the events that took place. 383 more words