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A Critical Look: Talal Asad's Anthropological Genealogy

Talal Asad is perhaps mostly known for his work on secularism within a genealogical form of analysis. While his works are indeed interesting, I intend to argue that his adoption of the genealogical method and his general unwillingness to examine religion critically results in three major problems: relativism, recuperation, and subsequent fundamentalist decisionism. 4,565 more words

Political Philosophy

My Take on Palestine and Israel


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how to begin. After many days of contemplation, insistent on the fact that I speak out and write about something that has so angered me, but still confused on how to go about it, I have decided to write with reckless abandon. 2,679 more words

"Religion" as a Modern Invention

Upon returning from my trip to England, I was delighted to find Amazon’s trademark smiling boxes waiting for me. I had ordered a number books before my trip, and among them was Brent Nongbri’s… 2,701 more words

Religious Studies