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Vivekananda and 'Religion(s)' Part III

In “The Construction of Religion as an Anthropological Category,” Asad lays bare some of the major aspects of the complex historical/discursive process that allowed for ‘religion’ to be conceptualized as essentially individualized, privatized, and having chiefly to do with things like meaning and belief. 754 more words

Vivekananda and 'Religion(s)' Part I

Toward the end of The Invention of World Religions, Tomoko Masuzawa mentions Swami Vivekananda’s role in the construction/dissemination of the ‘world religion(s)’ discourse as a possible avenue for further research. 885 more words

“Ending a Conversation with System R”: Book Review of Nongbri’s “Before Religion.”

Nongbri, Brent. 2013. Before religion : a history of a modern concept. New Haven : Yale University Press.

By: Jon Bialecki (University of Edinburgh)

On its face, Brent Nongbri’s book, Before Religion, is seemingly not about Christianity, but about religion more generally – or more specifically, about the category of religion more generally. 2,495 more words

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Clash of the Titans: Religion v. Human Rights

Religious values permeate all aspects of society. On the surface, they have shaped the development of universal human rights by influencing the moral fabric of civilizations. 610 more words