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Good evening world,

So today was a fun filled day. I got to hang out with my boy all day, then I got to go to class and listen to presentations and ……judge them!!! 338 more words

What is art?

On the way home from work last night, I wrote my thoughts on the question for today’s theme. In 15 minutes I was to free-write on my notebook. 394 more words

Oh hey blog. Forgot you existed....



I can’t believe that, that’s just a ridiculous amount of time to have gone by without you lovely people a single syllable from me and I do apologize, although I doubt I’ve left you on tenterhooks. 321 more words

Whoever...Must Be Your Servant

But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your minister:

-Mark 10:43

The two questions that we should constantly ask ourselves are: 362 more words


Music Review // The Native Braves "Self Assemble"

Local band The Native Braves have now released a Double A-Side onto various music streaming and downloading sites including iTunes. The Double A side consists of 2 tracks named ‘ 409 more words


Vance Joy- Song Of The Week

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If you’ve had a week anything like mine this will be music to your ears (bad pun! 10/10) a week of booking trains, stressing, and negotiating with the Toronto sky (blizzard then tanning weather? 12 more words

Debbie's Something

Make a Genius Turkey This Week

It’s Thanksgiving this week.  

A perfect opportunity to showcase your cooking genius.

Start with a lime, oregano, sour orange and kosher salt turkey.

Here’s the recipe: 126 more words