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Talent communities and content strategy

I’ve been immersed in social media for the past 6 years or so. Love it.

The very nature of social means compelling content has always been important but it’s really taking centre stage recently. 75 more words

Social Media

found your niche?

Every individual without exception, are provided a certain talent that, whether discovered or sadly escaping the awareness thereof, assist in the molding of creativity in the chosen practice of acquiring the fruits of opportunity afforded all men in some capacity, or level, of human involvement. 84 more words

The "Extra" Glue

Think for a moment about any movie or TV show you have seen. Think about a mall scene where the protagonist is running down the stairs to get somewhere, or two people talking in a restaurant or a bar.  353 more words



America’s newest sweetheart is Ariana Grande, she has a hit show on Nickelodeon (about to be cancelled) and the number 1 song one song on the billboard chart (with some fake Australian rapper which we won’t bother naming).


Passion gw apa yaa??

Kata Passion saya denger ketika pertama kali saya interview di sebuah perusahaan, saat itu Manager HRD bertanya “Passion kamu apa?” hhmmm Passion gw apa yaaa?? @$#%^$&^%&*^* 621 more words

Story Of Me


I have so mcuh respect for cooks and chefs.

I am currently making some grilled chicken (because thats all us fitnessbuffs eat. grilled chicken) Salt, pepper, and basil are all I use, and it astounds me how many versions and iterations of plain old chicken breast one can come up with. 45 more words