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This Is My Voice

This is my voice
creatively talented,
each word can create its own song.

Words sharp as a knife
slicing through ice,
expertise is precise.

written by: Kimalee Jones


Do you know your worth – What does this mean?

They want you to like this and like that, no you should not be doing it like this because this is not the right way. But you say to yourself but what is the right way? 253 more words


TED Talk; Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection

This TED Talk is the best one ever. I only say this because he is great at what he does. I like tricks a lot and he does tricks and he does them really good to the point where nobody could quiet notice how he’s doing everything at one time. 86 more words

TED Talk

A Woman is many things, passionate and ...

She may be viewed with passion in mind or she may be viewed as intelligent, discerning, determined and her own person.

Don’t confuse the two. Just because a woman is passionate does not mean she is not also, strong willed and a capable individual up for life’s challenges (more than a few of them very difficult). 129 more words

Why - The Inspired Word

You ARE enough

For some reason, I tend to doubt myself or at least I used to.

People saw me as super confident and all these great things, but I do/did doubt myself. 290 more words