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Zero to Hero: Day One/ Why I blog.

One of the many (and I do mean many) blogs I follow was blogging about setting goals and undertaking Blogging 201. Now I’m always up for a bit of a challenge (unless it’s abseiling, not that kind of challenging) so I clicked over. 907 more words


008. Smoking And Hiding

In denial – it was a strange oppositional place to occupy, especially given the fact that whatever position he could realistically occupy at this moment was based on almost no information. 409 more words


Tales from Iris: A Fateful Meeting

Lena hated the dress she had been forced to wear. Just because she was a maid to the bride, she couldn’t understand why she was being punished with this hideous dress. 732 more words


Matters upon which the heart speaks are often easier told to strangers.
There’s a danger in that we all know, yet there is an element of safe. 290 more words


The books we read

Worf here…

Yesterday Kirk promised that today we will talk about books. This topic is so general and he was so busy eating that this morning we realized none of us wrote anything for the blog. 523 more words

Guinea Pig


Shana and Linda had just heard the tale from Abe and Anna about vampires in their town. They were terrified and didn’t know whether to believe them or not. 324 more words

Feral Living

Life as a Feral is never domesticated, but that doesn’t mean I’m a total mess. While I do not have Pinterest boards dedicated to cleaning secrets or baking recipes, I do enjoy decorating and cooking…sometimes. 1,193 more words