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Hercules - It's all about the public image


I review movies from start to the end, although I never reveal the ending. That wouldn’t be cool.


Fables and tales are very often truths wrapped in an excitement, topped with a bow of entertainment.  571 more words


The Future of ACS R

So some interesting news has been announced awhile back. The original creator of ACS, Anibache, recently announced that he/she/they are working on a sequel to ACS called… ACS R. 182 more words


Lovable me

(Me meaning Spock, just not to create confusions. :P)

Well, Kirk is competing again trying hard to get his lips into a calendar at the end of this year. 183 more words

Guinea Pig

An Ocean of Choices

We know that many of the things that happen are out of our hands. And sometimes they affect us closely. A few days ago we have been exposed to a difficult situation. 179 more words


Ta-Ta Granada

Written for:  Creative Bloomings, “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen”
Not the last day of the month, but we say our adieu to Camp Granada today. Write a goodbye poem to the camp, your mates, something specifically, or just to Summer in general (it will be over before we know it!) … 96 more words

Purple's Home

Little Miss Sunshine may be gone, but her light lives on.

The first time I met Sue all I could think was that she looked like art. She was beautiful, but that’s not what made an impression on me. 1,096 more words



Izy noticed that just in the space of a year things had changed. Most shops and the spaces outside them were now burglar-proof, all complexes that had free and open entrances before were now fenced and had gates, the eateries and restaurants that used to supply daily meal for Izy and other fellows like him were either no more functioning or now charging an amount for the left-over foods. 883 more words