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Last Call

Everyone talks about her biological clock ticking but how do you really know when it rings, or more specifically, how many times you can hit the snooze button? 5,319 more words


The Little Friends

I balanced my half of the “little friends” on the welcome plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries on the bedside tray that had been left for me by the hotel manager, replacing his welcome note to me with a one for my boyfriend. 2,339 more words


WOLF by Ranger Tess

I have a copy of the book ‘Wolf’ by Ranger Tess.

First i want to talk about the author and her family homestead in Missouri. Ranger Tess is a small but strong young woman, who lives a life engaged with spirits of Nature. 167 more words

Book Reports

Alternative vacations: oh the tangled webs we weave.

Puerta Viejo, Costa Rica. I never considered myself to have arachnophobic tendencies until I found myself in the middle of the jungle at a seven-day yoga retreat in Costa Rica. 2,489 more words


Crossin' Over

What follows is one of the tales that make up The Grimmholt Collection. It was collected by The Grimmholter some years ago in the American South. 3,040 more words

Let It Be Known

Toilet Trauma

Reader discretion advised.

Today’s blog post is about some of the Peters’ toilet tales…

To start off, I am going to share with you a story of Pouty, my younger brother who was extremely fascinated by my mum’s watch. 395 more words

 Taken for a ride

Which was the more painful part of her Indian camel safari: getting ripped off or all but ripped in half by her undergarments?

Jaisalmer, India… 1,783 more words