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This post is dedicated to the obnoxious guy at the Sears Home Improvement booth across the aisle from me at the State Fair. He’s armed with two rulers and a heavy duty brochure booklet. 631 more words

The Story in the Soul of His Shoes (Part 4)

Day 153, Monday, August 7, 1979. Location: Cirrus Mt., AB.

Another sleepless night. We must be eating too late or not walking enough miles. Or maybe it’s the altitude—I don’t know. 2,094 more words



For a while now, I’ve been writing this collection, not so much of stories, but of lives. They can be read in any order, as they are each a table of their own, although they slightly overlap and link. 65 more words

Tunbridge Wells

Tales of an Inconsiderate, Immature, Lazy Man

It has been 13 years and I have come to the realization that the man I call “spouse” is truly an inconsiderate, immature, lazy man. I can’t think of any better way than to to illustrate the numerous events that have, and continue to transpire, compelling me to believe as I do. 781 more words


003. Strange Body

Always on to the next job – always things to fix. Most of the time it was a place or a situation, but sometimes it was a person. 414 more words


Words Create Reality

“The words you use become the temple you live in”. This quote totally resonates within. While looking at this boat in Stanley we reflect on the impact of our words. 43 more words


The Time Machine

-You’re a freak!

- Why?

- Because you write! You write all the time. You write before going to sleep, you write on your laptop, on your phone, on notebooks… you even gave them a name!!! 268 more words