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Me against the chair

It took me awhile to get the courage to talk about this. Plenty of hours of therapy spent with Kirk… But finally, after more than three weeks, I feel ready to talk about it. 370 more words

Guinea Pig

The Joy of Being Different

Each of us has a different sense of reality. Our reality is shaped by how we interprete things. And that is the result of our conditioning (education, culture, parents, experiences, etc) 199 more words


23/365 ShortStory: A ghost story

When we see something we don’t want to believe we tell ourselves it just our imagination… but what if there is more than one of you? 961 more words

365 Days

Free Writing - What do I expect from fiction?

Context: I am currently taking a course in English literature. Throughout this course, there will be free writing tasks and other writing tasks as well as other creative writing tasks. 150 more words


Escapism - Why We Love Fantasy

Ever get tired of the mundane life? Doing the same thing over and over again every day? Well, have no fear, because humans have, over the span of our species’ culture, evolved many ways to escape our boring routines, if only for a little while. 753 more words


Barnabas And Blithersville

In the southern part of the Strange Woods lies the little town of Blithersville. It’s the most important town in The Woods. In fact it’s the only town in The Woods. 172 more words