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Facebook freaks...

So here’s the thing: What the hell is wrong with you people? If I see one more “selfie” of you in your car I’m gonna scream. 158 more words


Believe in an Attitude of Gratitude

Wednesday, July 30th 8am ET ~ BELIEVE in an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!! Yes when we are looking for something to BELIEVE IN it really WORKS to believe in the POWER of being grateful for EVERYTHING! 131 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben

Cigarettes, you're the bum!!

So here’s the thing: I hate that person that is constantly bumming cigarettes. They sell those things in stores you dick! It’s even worse when you bum them a cigarette and they want to smoke with you and bore the shit out of you with a story about their cousins new truck. 49 more words


The bartender hates you...

So here’s the thing: Are you ┬áthe person that orders cheese sticks in a restaurant and when they get to the table you ask for silverware? 84 more words


What's Next For Jenny McCarthy ?

It is a radio show! Jenny will start hosting a live radio show, weekly on Sirius xm. What is it about or called you may ask ? 44 more words


So he peed in "public"...

So here’s the thing: I know this guy who got a ticket for public indecency last night for peeing in between a department store and apartment building. 130 more words


Dr Ben Lucey and the Wisdom of Success

Saturday, July 12th 11:30am – 12 Noon ET ~ The Wisdom of Success welcomes today a young Chiropractor from Clare, MI Dr. Ben Lucey! Dr. Lucey has been working at the Benchley Chiropractic Clinic in Clare, MI for the past 2 years and has received advanced training in Nutrition and therapeutic taping. 124 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben