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Supermarket woes...

So here’s the thing: If your that person that goes through the self check out with a full shopping cart, then I really, really don’t like you. 17 more words


Wow, just wow...

So here’s the thing: Just when you thought people couldn’t be any dumber, they can. So i’m working the other night and I was rolling silverware as part of my side work and a gentlemen approached me and blew my mind with stupidity. 213 more words


Even in my dreams...

So here’s the thing: So I had a dream the other night where I was at a baseball game and there was a guy who was pissing people off because he was littering in the stadium. 110 more words


Back to school...

So here’s the thing: Yeah we get it, your kids are going back to school or starting school, but I never knew how much I wanted to see all these pictures of kids in nice new back packs until you guys starting posting them every two seconds!!   170 more words


I just saw a kid fall down...

So here’s the thing: I literally just watched this kinda dorky kid wearing crocs trip over his own feet and wipe out. I’m at work and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 113 more words


So, my car was stolen today...

So here’s the thing: I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, my car was stolen today. They were courteous enough to leave a sofa cushion that was in the back seat in my drive way. 63 more words


Own your Attitude of Gratitude

Wednesday, August 13th 8am ET ~ OWN your ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!! How many times have YOU been working on your LIFE, making it ALL that you have ever wanted it to be and someone can seem to CHALLENGE your methods! 148 more words

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