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Hump Day Round Up 9/17

Waking up on Wednesday mornings just feels better than the prior two mornings. Not as fantastic as Friday feels, or the relief Saturday brings- but enough to motivate me to take a bit more time on my hair and make up. 144 more words

Shift & The Silly Little Bleater

I think this blogger is right (http://da.rryl.me/2012/eschatology-in-the-last-battle/) in saying that The Last Battle is not a parallel of the Book of Revelations. If we treat it as a simple allegory of Lewis’ eschatological views, we’ll miss the brilliance of his work. 2,167 more words

The Things Our Masters Left Us: Part 3

“Kubik, we have to move.” I say. Kubik does not object and stand immediately. I know that this is futile, but we have no other option. 739 more words