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Chapter 9 - Sharkey Meets Alice

Sharkey parked his sedan and tossed his hat on the seat before closing his car door. It was already 4:30, so he was half an hour late meeting up with Jensen and Schitt, but he’d sent them a text saying he was running behind. 387 more words

Serial Stories

If Disney did hallucinations - it would be just like the one I just had.

So, there’s a good chance I am a fucking 14 year old girl. Jesus.

I think I hallucinated.  Always wanted to.  However, I wanted something cool. 440 more words

Negotiating with Cookies #17 - Take and Bake

We pull into a parking spot in front of the take and bake pizza place.

Fleegle sniffs at the inch wide gap at the top of the shotgun window. 177 more words


Chapter 1 - Friday Night

The overhead light had been torn from the ceiling during the incident, so the first team in the room had grabbed a pair of halogen flood lamps, which were too bright for the small space, while simultaneously creating huge swathes of deep shadow. 528 more words

Serial Stories