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Another order with UPS commences the waiting game…

You may have noticed the blatant absence of articles from yBaX Start recently (that is if you do actually read my articles regularly), yet I’m sorry that I haven’t had the actual time to post anything. 765 more words

Talking Point

A Major Talking Point

The issue regarding Ray Rice, domestic violence and the NFL has been a major talking point of the past few weeks.  However, all this has done is highlight a deeper problem in not only the NFL, but also wider society. 69 more words

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It's all in the balance...

This Thursday sees me running the first of my monthly ‘yin’ style yoga classes, with long-held, supported postures and a slow, meditative pace. This might seem a strange thing for a die-hard ashtangi to be doing, but I suppose that is the point of this post. 1,071 more words


Could Mario Maker diminish the need for the 'New Super Mario Bros' franchise?

When introduced at E3, Nintendo fulfilled a wish which many Mario fans held close to their heart, for a Mario course-creator to exist in a Super Mario game. 700 more words

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The Activision and Take-Two takeover rumours are probably not true.

The publisher company ‘Activision’ which used to be a major component in the video game industry now hold just only a few key titles such as Call of Duty, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. 349 more words

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Here's our always up-to-date guide to games delayed in 2014:

“” is pushed back until is becoming perhaps the most acquainted headline to many gaming blogs as companies continuously re-adjust and delay their games with final tweaks and edits. 1,427 more words

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Why do people find incredibly difficult games addictive?

Flappy Birds is an obvious phenomenon when discussing the topic of addictive difficult games; wherever you’d go during this phase, you would witness the public glued on their screen of their smartphone with a 8/10 chance that they were on this ridiculous app. 640 more words

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