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Risk to Speak Your Heart's Deepest Desires to God who Cares Intimately For You

What do you want?

I remember like it was yesterday the fear of saying what I wanted. The risk to be completely honest felt like a gargantuan leap off of a cliff. 437 more words


78% of Black Millennials say They 'Talk to God'; 67% 'Look to Religion' for Guidance in Life

Barely half of millennials say they look to religion for guidance, but a higher percentage “talk to God,” suggesting that the 18-to-34 demographic is more spiritual than sectarian, according to a new survey by the Integrated Innovation Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.



The air smells musty and familiar
as I walk through the doors and
into myself.
I didn’t know I would find
me here.
But once found, cannot be left behind. 12 more words


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There's no place like home.

Life is a prayer, and God hears yours.

It’s been 82 posts since I started my prayer blog… my online prayer journal. And I tell you this because what I will tell you next might surprise you. 736 more words

My Life

Simple is Always Best

It seems that one of the things that terrifies people about prayer is that they believe it must be super eloquent. This just isn’t the case. 541 more words


The Arm Chair Pontificator Is Proud To Present: An Interview With God

God stopped by the offices of T.A.C.P. this morning desperately needing to use the bathroom.  I told him he could use ours if he’d  let me interview him when he was finished, and he agreed.  473 more words

Nobel Prize Winning Religious And Political Satire, And Other Irreverent Humour

How to pray if you are a Christian and if you're not

How to pray if you are a Christian

Sometimes we need a little refresher course on how to pray. Prayer is not complicated…but there is a way to pray that the bible reveals to us. 692 more words