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Just a Short Note

My apologies that this won’t be a normal post, Reader—I promise I’ll be back in style next Friday.  But today will be only this:  it’s been a weird week, with some of the best conversations that absolutely needed to happen and some of the most exhausting realizations that God is asking more than I yet know how to give.   176 more words


          July 15th…Quiet House

Why are there all these rules?  Why don’t we see you?  Why are there so many religions?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Maybe I’m finally getting to the root of my despair and misunderstanding of the universe.  213 more words


Withhold Nothing

Take a deep breath.
Now, tell God everything that is weighing heavy on your heart at this very moment.

Why do we hold so much in? 207 more words

In God We Trust (With Qualifications)

It’s always amused me that, in the United States, we proclaim ourselves a “Christian nation” and have printed on our money (often our number one idol) “In God We Trust.”  Trust for what, I wonder? 1,022 more words

Today, I choose joy.

I just walked home from work under the clear Sapporo night sky, praying out loud to the God who loves me, and this was the thought that hit me. 495 more words


Good Grief

I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for Charlie Brown, especially since I played Violet (Lucy’s sidekick) in the musical Snoopy! in high school.   1,072 more words

The Good Girl Complex

For years, I hated the word sin.

I cringed at the sound of it, hated the way it looked, despised how often Christians used it and doubted what it meant – or what I thought it meant, anyway. 1,387 more words