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The Art of Talking & Being Heard

Ironically, the more you talk, the less you are heard. This is a result, not of boring words but of the listener. If you have to fill the conversation with words all the time, it generally ends up being mostly about you, and there really is only so much a person can handle and process at once. 382 more words

Thursday Ramblings

Yesterday, Laurel and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for half priced cheesecake. I got the smore’s cheesecake and definitely recommend it. Soooo delicious. Going into the restaurant I told myself that I would only eat half of it. 467 more words


WaveyRambler Playlists!

Welcome to a post about my new channel, WaveyRambler!

With over 20 videos and with 2 new ones each day…why wouldn’t you check them out? :) 79 more words


Customer Reviews Big Mouth Toys The Loudmouth Talking Can Holder

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Now anyone can be the LOUDMOUTH at the party with the handy dandy Loudmouth Talking Can Holder. 20 more words

Three Line Dialogues - OCD

Me: I have to get up one more time and put my laptop back on the table, before the papers underneath it catch fire and we burn the house down. 15 more words


Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Talking Dora Surprise

Approximately 10″ tall, Talking Dora Surprise has a roto head, rooted hair and a soft body. She says three phrases when you squeeze her tummy. Dora comes with a surprise camera in her backpack too.  43 more words

Say Awww ... Crap

My child has started talking. This is bad news for someone like me who thinks the F word is one of the best words the English language has to offer. 396 more words