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talk talk package


I had a interesting chat over the phone with my talk talk broadband provider.

Recently my package has gone up to £8.50 a month. … 1,162 more words

TalkTalk Phishing Email

We have been been notified of the following phishing email that was received, multiple time, by one of our twitter followers.

The email purports to be from TalkTalk and advises that they have been unable to process the payment for your last bill. 217 more words

Trading Standards

Is it because i is trans?

Apparently not, is the short answer. Yesterday, i noted, somewhat indignantly, that i appear to be on the block list of internet service provider, TalkTalk. 1,277 more words

You could not make it up!!!

Those who follow what i get up to in the real world will be aware that i have tended to eschew the online clicktivism a bit of late in favour of trying to get a few things changed. 204 more words