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Bid to stop internet sales of counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods – knock-off copies of prestige brands – used to be sold on dodgy market stalls and out of the back of white vans. Now, of course, they are retailed over the internet. 306 more words

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UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS: Cartier Seeks ‘Historic’ Legal Precedent On Websites Infringing Trademarks

Richemont S.A. who owns Cartier International, has been trying to pressure websites offering counterfeits into closing down, but to no avail. Richemont followed the same tactics used by the studios and recording labels; however, it decided to go another route and take action against the internet service providers instead, according to reports. 779 more words

Fashion Court

Well… there wouldn’t be much point in us having a blog if we weren’t going to tell you about our biggest gig of 2014 to date… now would there? 487 more words

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User Generated Content Driving Campaigns

So UK X Factor is back this year which is great, but it’s also back when I’m just about about to return to university where I won’t have a big TV to watch it on. 505 more words

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I have been using something called heading 2 to enlarge the text in my wordpress posts. but it seems it is not a good thing to do , something related to… 1,448 more words

Google says it did not ask Code Club to order board members to refrain from criticism

Yesterday, Linda Sandvik, one of the founding members of children’s coding education group Code Club, resigned because she was ordered not to say negative things about the organization’s sponsors, including Google. 373 more words


How super is super-fast?

After much delay, we had a message from TalkTalk to say that “superfast broadband” was now available at our house, and that we could sign up to their “ 384 more words