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Day Four Tall Ships

An exciting couple of events kicked off Day Four. Not only was there an Omiston Bushfield Academy vs. The Voyager Academy row boat race, but we were also given the opportunity to climb to the top of the mast – which was brilliant by the way! 163 more words

June 2014

Dad Rocks! An interview with Snævar Njáll Albertsson at 2000 Trees

This past weekend, I decided to leave behind the rainy streets of Manchester to go and get pissed up on whiskey in a field and bust out flying head scissors with my pal in front of a crowd full of people in a big tent down in Cheltenham. 1,453 more words


18 People Talk About Their Greatest Insecurities As Travelers

So I haven’t made a blog post recently, and friends have noticed and commented…  Sorry about that! I am still alive, I promise, it’s just that life seems to have gotten in the way a bit (as it does). 32 more words


Diane reblogged this on confessions of a gypsy girl and commented:

What are your traveling insecurities ?   I have  few.  When I travelled to Russia in 1992,  it was losing my passport and visa (which was on a separate piece of paper at the time), and not being able to leave the country.    I also get a little afraid of getting lost, but I have learned that getting lost brings its own set of joys. I got lost in Dublin, and heard street buskers, had coffee in a shop I would not have found ordinarily, and got an impromptu tour of Trinity College, and accidentally wandered into the office of the foremost Irish poets Brendan Kennelly.   I got lost in the Shetland Islands (ok, they're only so big, so eventually you're going to find your way back) and got a nice tour of the islands making up the Shetland chain.   I participated in Up Helly Aa, Shetland's biggest cultural event. I saw the Shetland Folk Festival that year.  I met people.  I found my way back.  And it was okay. [caption id="attachment_852" align="alignnone" width="431"]The burning of a Viking ship replica built especially for the festival is the zenith of the event. The burning of a Viking ship replica built especially for the festival is the zenith of the event.[/caption]  

Tall Ships Have Arrived on Buffalo's Waterfront!!

Friday night Greg and I went down to the Buffalo Waterfront to see the Tall Ships that have come into town. We have a busy weekend so we might not have a chance to get back there for a tour – but it was wonderful to see them! 214 more words

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Tall Ships: A Summary

So after finishing some of my other film projects, I made a really short film that summarized the Tall Ship trip. The music was a particular favourite of the Voyager Crew and so it would have been a crime not to use it!

June 2014

15 Things To Do In The Bay Area -- Week Of July 13-July 20th

Hi, it’s Jayn with another 15 things you can do in the Bay Area.

1 – The Oakland Athletics host the Orioles at O.Co Coliseum for a three-game series following the all-star game break. 363 more words


5 things you may not expect to see on Challenge Wales

For anyone new to Challenge Wales there are some things you see onboard which perhaps you weren’t expecting to see. This is usually related to some of the voyages we have undertaken or activities onboard. 559 more words