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Weekly Travel Theme: Round 04-19-14

The entrance to Old Town Tallinn is through the archway entry gate which is guarded by the round and squat Fat Margaret Tower.  Fat Margaret was built between 1511 to 1530 during the reconstruction of the medieval city gate system. 133 more words


Luktar dyr | The doors of Old Tallinn

♦ Föstudagsmyndir: Dyrnar í gömlu Tallinn eru víða áberandi fallegar og nostursamlega málaðar í mismunandi litum. Hér er bara lítið sýnishorn. Fleiri myndir frá Tallinn… 51 more words

Áslaug Jónsdóttir

Tallinn - Three Women

Victoria Petrova sat behind the computer screen. Her fingers went form letter to letter while she mumbled the sound of each character. Her lips moved slowly, like dissecting each of the letters and sounds needed to compose the word she was typing. 574 more words


Baltic Highlights

Having previously pointed out some key survival tips for this region, I now turn to pointing out just a few highlights from my time in the Baltic States, in case you end up over there and wonder what you can do with your free time. 554 more words

Upper Old Town Tallinn (Tallinn, Estonia: Part 1)

Everyone who follows me on Twitter probably got sick of my countdown to Estonia, which started at least a month before I left! I had the most wonderful, amazing, inspiring time in Tallinn, Estonia and my photos don’t do it justice. 772 more words


"I'm sorry to interrupt you, but do you watch anime?"

From the early beginning of my voluntary service, I was worried about not finding someone who shared one main interest with me: Manga and anime. 656 more words