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Kyoto- Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺

Often referred as “Temple of the Golden Pavillion”  was build in 1397. The pavilion were purposely placed at the center of the garden, emphasizing the ancient Japanese philosophy where everything has it’s own center where center is key to everything. 103 more words


Maneki Neko "Fortune Cat" A lovely cat who bring good fortune

We can see very often the Maneki Neko statue of all sizes in shops and stores in Japan.
Also most of the families in Japan owns Maneki neko in their home, to attract luck, wealth and protection for entire family . 276 more words

Non Classé

JEV Winery Chili Cook-Off

Chili aficionados wanted!  John Ernest Vineyard and Winery will be hosting its annual Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, January 17, 2015 and is looking for contestants to share their famous chili.   70 more words


A Balanced Mind

In continuation of previous post – How to Control the Mind

A person who neither expresses displeasure even while in pain nor is he greedy for joy.  286 more words


Meskwaki Man Found Guilty in Parents' Murders

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A Meskwaki man is headed to prison for murdering his parents.

A federal jury in Cedar Rapids convicted 26-year-old Gordon Lasley Jr. 49 more words


Risk Tanking

I’m making a move to stop being a Jita Bear and to undock and lose things. Eleventybillion ISK isn’t any fun if you can’t watch it explode with friends. 95 more words

Aideron Robotics


It is time for bed
A silence is everywhere
The cat is sleeping

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Shotei Takahashi – Tama, 1924
Photo courtesy: WikiArt