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My West African business trips – Kumasi and Cape Coast

I’ve now passed my one year mark in Ghana! I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt and how differently I feel from when I arrived. Last September I departed for a country and culture I didn’t know to go and do a job I knew very little about and to live in a place I’d only read about. 793 more words

Our Daily Bread 112: Fofoulah


Fofoulah ‘Fofoulah’   (Glitterbeat Records)  Released 22nd September 2014

A blurring of cultural and musical boundaries, the cross-pollinated London/Bristol quintet Fofoulah, send ricocheting percussive shots echoing across a backing of West African and European landscapes on their eponymous debut LP. 366 more words


Being a business man in Ghana

This month, I’m blogging about business in Ghana.

I’m not sure what springs to mind when you hear the words ‘African businessman’ but I’d like to introduce you to the CEO of the company I’m working with so that you can get his perspective. 1,015 more words

Chusok – czyli wolne po mojemu

Radośnie złożyło się, że z okazji koreańskiego święta w automagiczny sposób zamiast weekendu miałem 5 dni wolnego pod rząd. Wiadomo, że najłatwiej by było siedzieć w mieszkaniu i się nigdzie nie ruszać, ale na dłuższa metę człowiek padłby z nudów. 2,225 more words

Korea 2014/15

Still working on the comic

Hello again. Ichiru at your most humble service.

Working on Cool and Cute is taking longer than I expected. Though this is no different than how I do any of my works. 128 more words

Main OC's

40mP ft. Hatsune Miku - 恋愛裁判/Love Trial [Lyrics + Indonesian Translation]

Musik, Lirik: 40mP
Video, Ilustrasi: Tama
Instrumen tambahan: Zimuin G, mao, , Shobon

Japanese Lyrics
Oh! No! No! No

Oh! Jesus! 573 more words


Why am I suddenly interested in business and economics?

For those that know me, they might be surprised that I’m blogging about business and economics.

I’m an arts and culture kind of girl and when reading a paper, I normally flick swiftly past the business and economics pages. 945 more words