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Our Nicaraguan Boarder Adventure

We took our first trip across the Nicaraguan boarder this week.  You are allowed to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days at a time before having to exit and re-enter the country restarting your 90 days. 733 more words

Costa Rica

We'll Cross That Border When We Get There

The moment you set an alarm for 4:30am, you deserve an interesting day. We got nothing short of that on the day we crossed the border from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. 994 more words


2 Months In

We’ve hit the 2 month mark! Before having twins I didn’t realize how much changes in a month. I thought it unnecessary when parents would tell me their baby’s age by month as if it that specific month mattered … well the twins were 15 months old on Monday and let me tell you, it matters. 364 more words

Costa Rica

pura vida

“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.”
– Anais Nin

 I just got back from Costa Rica with Renae, one of my best girlfriends. 316 more words


shaking things up

i’ve left this blog rather dormant throughout my time in costa rica for a variety of reasons, laziness being a main one. another more justifiable one is the work i was doing on a separate blog as a part of my senior capstone project. 262 more words

That One Time We Got Into A Car Accident In Costa Rica

Wow- what a crazy day that was. When Ben and I decided that we wanted to road trip from San Jose to Tamarindo, we definitely didn’t have “collision” on our lists of things to do & see. 975 more words

Costa Rica

Jazz Word review by Ken Waxman

Tony Malaby Tamarindo – Somos Agua (CF 304)
An essay on the intricacies of saxophone improvisation, New York tenor man Tony Malaby explorers every nuance of reed sounds on this matchless session, backed only by the four-square pacing of William Parker’s double bass and the rhythmic flow of drummer Nasheet Waits. 231 more words

Tony Malaby