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25/365 tamu photography

I took a few photos of campus while I was on it this weekend. Just passing by photos of what looked nice at the time. I wanted to try to do some more indoor ideas but I didn’t have time. 44 more words


Texas IPM agent's boots will be hard to fill

In the Southwest Farm Press blog

by Ron Smith

In my first year or two in my first job as a journalist, someone, probably my boss, offered me two pieces of advice. 644 more words



Tinggalkan pesanmu pada pintu

dan lupakan kemudian

Siapa pun boleh membaca, mencoret

menambahkan potret kehadirannya

Tinggalkan kuncimu di atas pintu

dan biarkan mereka masuk

istirah sejenak atau mengobrak-abrik… 31 more words


My "Pocket" Dump From the Fall of 2014

I’ve always thought pocket dumps were fascinating when I would view them online and if you’ve never seen one I hope to give you a good example. 601 more words


Visual Research: Tamparuli Tamu

Another interesting illustrated book written and illustrated by Tina Rimmer called The Tamparuli Tamu. This book is a good source of visual research as I am able to see the art style and the way how Rimmer portrays the Tamu in Tamparuli. 159 more words