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In times of illness, we're covered!

It is important to talk about illness in the scope of breastfeeding, because when you have little ones at home, illness can run rampant and spread easily.   393 more words


Skill means Practice

Throughout my entire nursing journey, it has frequently occurred to me that I am not entirely sure what I could exactly say to a new mother facing nursing issues.   388 more words


The Beginning

I found myself uniquely interested in breastfeeding despite having seen very few people ever breastfeed, in my life.  My mother always told me that she breastfed me for 3 years and how I would not drink any other liquid, except for breast milk.   856 more words


How it all works

When I first became a mother, I knew I really wanted to breastfeed my child.  I didn’t know how hard the journey would be initially, and I never thought it would progress into a completely different philosophy in life.   361 more words


Teresa, Walter & Edith

What a view! Two velvet heads plus four diamond eyes equals infinite precious moments. I am loving breastfeeding you edith and Walter, ma wee twin babies.

Nursing while Pregnant (NWP): Sepenggal Kisah "Si Kembar" Akif dan Hilmiya

Bagaimana perasaan anda saat tahu bahwa anda hamil padahal si kakak belum lagi bisa berjalan dan belum pula tersiapkan memiliki adik? Panik? Sedih? Merasa bersalah? Khawatir berlebihan? 616 more words

Being Parents