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Dear X Maggie Lovejoy (22 weeks and four days)


Today you are 22 weeks and four days old.  I walked to the clinic this morning where Santi was born and where I plan to deliver you in August to see you, to chat.   604 more words


Mother & Child Paintings by Katie M. Berggren

Katie m. Berggren has been cited as the #1 Motherhood Artist in America, and her paintings and prints hang in the homes of families in over 37 countries. 584 more words

Breast Milk & Nutrition - How to Stay Happy

Ah breastfeeding…. It’s such a beautiful experience, full of peace, love, connection with your baby, skin-on-skin, quiet moments of cooing and staring into one another’s eyes… a true magical moment that you get to experience with your baby multiple times a day for as long as you nurse!   3,961 more words

Melukis Kisah Kehadiran Haifa

Tidak seekspresif sebelumnya, mendapati dua buah garis dalam testpack kali ini membuat saya menghela napas panjang. Senyum tetap mengembang, tapi pikiran jauh melayang. Sepenuhnya sadar, perjuangan kembali dimulai. 2,946 more words

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