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9 Things That I Love About Breastfeeding

  1. I feel like a superhero. I make milk, I nourish a baby. Me. I have never even assembled a project that had a full page of instructions.
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Things I Can Do While Trapped Under a Breastfeeding Child

While pregnant with first child who turned seventeen yesterday I spent a lot (read most) of my time reading. I read about pregnancy, labor, baby names and of course breastfeeding. 574 more words


Dear Santiago (21 months and one week)

My Dear Santiago,

I honestly don´t know when it happened, but you are a new man, a different man, an older man, and yet still just a 21-month-old boy. 988 more words

Sibling Love

I watched Fae fall in love with Hawk as they tandem nursed. She’d gaze into his eyes, grasp his hand in hers, and then slip into a relaxed nursing state–comforted, with her new baby brother in her grip. 108 more words


Menyusui Saat Hamil (Nursing While Pregnant) dan Tandem Nursing [hayuuukz...]

Kadangkala seorang ibu dihadapkan pada kenyataan bahwa dirinya hamil lagi ketika masih dalam fase menyusui. Menurut mitos yang berkembang, banyak yang menyatakan bahwa menyusui saat hamil (Nursing While Pregnant) atau menyusui bersama kakak dengan adik (Tandem Nursing) dianggap sesuatu yang tidak wajar bahkan tidak boleh dilakukan. 721 more words


Breastfeeding Twins

Alyson: My Nursling Abygail: My Nursling #2

Even before I was pregnant, breastfeeding was always something I completely intended on doing. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I WAS TERRIFIED. 1,480 more words