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Riding My Age in Miles, and More

In 2007 I discovered BikeForums.net, and dove in with no reservations. Many connections continue even now: Fifty+, NorCal, Women’s, Tandem, Racing — so many ways to connect to so many people! ¬† 551 more words


I'm half crazy...

I finished my last post with the assumption that our adventures would be limited over the winter months, and in comparison to recent months I suppose they will be, however Ollie and I have a new exciting arrival which will see us chomping at the bit to get out in the winter sunshine. 852 more words


Two tits triumph

She’s propelled us over 1,500 miles, been dragged up to 2,700 meters, thrown on the bed of a low-loader, stuffed into a Toyota 4×4, propped up in a cupboard, suffered the abuse of a low-rent corrupt police officer and had her day in the sun on Azerbaijan TV. 1,675 more words

Slovenia and Truffles

Oct 16, Thursday

Today we ride up the Damatian Coast and cross into Slovenia, where we have to show our  passports (and get them stamped!) on our way up to the port town of Piran (#13 on the map).   221 more words



Oct 15, Wednesday

Steaming north overnight, we arrive in the port of Rovinj (#12 on the map and pronounced Rovinya) and ride in the northern part of Croatia today, through the Istrian part of the country, famous for its olives and olive oils. 208 more words


Krka National Park, a Close Call then Zadar

Krka National Park, A Close Call then Zadar

Oct 14, Tuesday

We start with a logistical challenge with 4 ride options for the day, with varying bus routes to each remote start. 581 more words