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Yeoville Day 6: Dog Days in Paradise

While walking through the streets of Yeoville I got the sense that my teammates (and Lameez, we adopted this colored girl from Rustenburg)  knew what they were doing. 428 more words

Luke Matthews

Yeoville Day 4: The Goef and the Gangster

Guilt ridden after taking a day off yesterday, I decided to spend my Friday tagging along to Yeoville with another group.

I went with Zelmarie, Robyn, Tendai and Anazi. 342 more words

Luke Matthews

Tandoori Gobi/Cauliflower

‘Tandoori’ means cooking in tandoor – clay or metal oven that is used for baking or cooking. This is a very popular style of Indian cooking used mainly for starter recipes – tandoori aloo/potato, tandoori paneer/cottage cheese etc. 323 more words


Back again for Punjabi Tandoor

Women have bad hair days,  I was having a bad Hindi day. Maybe I was just tired, but basic questions like “How do you say greater” in Hindi escaped me. 416 more words

Madhya Pradesh

Ended - My Quest for that Perfect Afghan Bread !!!

My quest for Afghan bread started after my first encounter with it back in 2002 atThe Khyber Pass in San Diego, CA  

Fancying myself as a bit of a baker having slaved some 60 hours over a stove under the tutelage of the finest baking instructors in the world (who likely secretly wondered how anyone can be a baker in 60 hours) I have been on a quest to find it or recreate it ever since. 310 more words


"Let's just hang"- Yeoville Day 13

Today was ‘hangout with the character day’ for me. I wish everyday at Yeoville was like this. Where we just chill and get to know each other better. 372 more words

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IN-DEPTH: DAY 11, lessons of gratitude

As part of the in-depth research project, one of the requirements of the BA Honours in Journalism and Media Studies degree at Wits University, students are required to write daily blog entries to show the progress of their projects.   623 more words

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