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Knitting FO - Los Guantes De Shannyn

‘Well and good’ (some of you have no doubt been saying) but what is she knitting?

These came off the needles a few weeks ago, they’re a gift for a friend (my own… 32 more words


Stash-Busting TFA Scarves

I decided to give plaid a try on my loom, and discovered that weaving is a great way to stash-bust like a boss. Both these scarves are TFA scraps left over from other projects, in a mix of both aran and dk weight. 260 more words

Tanis Fiber Arts

FO - Autumn Blaze Luna

Firstly an update on my Etsy sale – I was unavoidably delayed, and the sale actually went on at 1:15 instead of noon – my apologies to everyone! 164 more words


Snowfling Mitts

It seems so appropriate that I write about my Snowfling Mitts today. Yes, today on March 12, 2014 I awoke once again to snow. Tonight promises record low temps near 0F. 526 more words


Just about done.

I love winter. I really do. But this winter… this winter has finally done me in.

Every year we go out and do stuff, photography, hiking, road trips… but this winter has been a real doozey. 323 more words


Colour therapy

I finished my rainbow socks on Tuesday and they are awesome! Which is to say, the colours are awesome (thank you Three Irish Girls!) and they make these otherwise plain socks sing. 773 more words


A 'Surprise' Long Weekend

One day a week I volunteer in my daughter’s class. I go in at lunch time & help open milk cartons, distribute ketchup, and help peel bananas — whatever tasks little hands find troublesome. 988 more words