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Star Wars Tanka

Tuesday morning in the dunes…

Official sighting:
Star Wars Episode VII,
or Jedi mind tricks…

Photo evidence:
Large grey mechanical disc —
The Empire Strikes Back? 57 more words


The road less travelled

We tread a familiar pathway in this season of hope and renewal.

Walk through the Easter story with a weight of wonder.

Marvel anew at all our Lord went through as He trod the sand-blown, palm-strewn, hosanna-resounding, hostility-riven, nail-driven path to Calvary. 173 more words


reading poems

reading poems
for Lent and Easter
light breaks through
clouds and shines on red
Christmas cactus leaves



the palm fronds
waved so eagerly
trampled in dust
the coming King
rejected by his own


....another version of him...

I saw him tonight
enjoying Chinese buffet
in good company
handsome, tanned, and in good shape
and out of prison.  And here.



NaPoWriMo, April is halfway through
I’m amazed that I could stay faithful to you

Me and my pen are still punks you see
My motto’s been “You’re not the boss of me!” 76 more words

Personal Thoughts


now blowing emotion to the air
lungs and fingers and the flute
sobbing the distance between you and me
I want to be the sweet air…

231 more words