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The age of uncertainty

IHS Maritime’s Richard Clayton looks at the impact of the fall in oil prices on the shipping industry

The business of industrial shipping is played out to best effect over the medium-to-long term. 293 more words


Medical check

It is amazing the delight that friends and family have derived from the news that I am about to undergo a medical check-up. There is clearly an element of enjoyment in knowing that I will, after many years of avoiding a trip to the Doctor wherever possible, be given a fairly stern talking to for all my many misdemeanours; Too little exercise, too little sleep, too much wine and excessive consumption of the wrong food will all be on the agenda. 201 more words

You should have seen the faces of the tankers (photo essay)

By Serhiy Takhmazov
Transl. & edited by VoU

You should have seen the faces of the tankers, how happy they are! And hearing that the little mandarins are from his native… 18 more words


15 Jan 2015 (AFR) - Tankers to store 25m barrels of oil at sea: sources

(15 Jan 2015, AFR, p29, Jonathan Saul)

‘Some of the world’s biggest oil traders have booked supertankers to store at least 25 million barrels at sea in recent days, seeking to take advantage of the crash in crude prices and make a profit down the line. 113 more words

1.Market Observations

Marine Traffic


Marine traffic is a site that provides a live location for maritime shipping. At the home page, a map of the world will come up with grid number blocks. 234 more words


Look Back In Anger Or Look Forward To Something New?

The month of January is often thought to be named after the Roman deity Janus, who was the god of beginnings and transitions such as doors and gates. 490 more words


Shipping Crude Oil By Train Unsafe at Any Speed

Arteries of death, oil pipelines, trains, tankers.

Fracked oil is more volatile, safety standards on the freight trains have been relaxed.

For what are we waiting, a tanker freight train to explode in a major city, hundreds dead?