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4/21/2014 - Where I am now.

Meet Zoraxis Kinbladez, Roegadyn Gladiator. At the moment, I am level 28; I love tanking in pretty much every MMO I have ever played, so with my first FFXIV:ARR character I decided to continue the long-running tradition and take on what is typically one of the most difficult roles in an MMO, that of the tank. 600 more words


Philadelphia 76ers owner calls season 'a huge success'

There are many different ways to define success, apparently.

The Philadelphia 76ers finished this season 19-63, the second-worst record in the league, only bested (worsed?) by the truly putrid Milwaukee Bucks. 200 more words


Why I Love Thad Young - A Eulogy, Probably

Took you by surprise, didn’t I? You thought I hated everything, right? And if you think that, you’re pretty damn close to understanding me. But there are a few things in the world for which I still have genuine affection. 881 more words

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Final Jazz Tank Watch

The NBA regular season is over. Sixteen teams are going to the playoffs, and the Utah Jazz aren’t one of them. They didn’t end as the worst team in Jazz history but they came close. 1,044 more words


Sixers Fan Starts Campaign To End 'Tanking' In The NBA

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The 76ers are in Miami tonight and once the final buzzer sounds they’ll officially finish the regular season with the second worst record in the NBA. 530 more words


Thoughts on changing the NHL Draft Lottery

As the talent at the top of the NHL Draft continues to rise each year the topic of tanking to ensure higher odds at the first overall pick is becoming a hot topic. 1,296 more words

Sabres & NHL

Why I Hate Bill Simmons

So you know, I used to *love* Bill Simmons. I spent hours going through his “Sports Guy’s World” archives and laughing my fool head off. I didn’t care that he was an blatant and unrepentant homer for teams I loathed. 896 more words

Hot Sports Takes