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A rough Draft on the Draft

The 20th May, 2014. Doesn’t sound like an important date, but it was. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA draft lottery and obtained the first pick (later used to select Canadian wing Andrew Wiggins). 1,439 more words


The Ascetic Guardian

My posts have been filled with pleasant diversion from the blog’s focus.


Shortsword wielding ninjas.

Even Bard Swashbucklers.

Whatever happened to good ol’ fisticuffs? 2,515 more words


What I learned: From World of Tanks

What I learned From Playing World of Tanks

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not a military person, or at all interested or obsessed with big guns or vehicles. 821 more words


Grappling with the moral, ethical and practical ramifications of the 76ers rebuilding plan

Discussion over the 76ers bold new “rebuilding” strategy has been a hot topic in NBA circles all season, and the recent departure of Thad Young has only fueled the fire. 2,842 more words



By now it may be obvious that I’m more interested in MMORPG’s rather than console games. I like that I can solo content but also play as part of a group and meet new people when I feel like doing so. 739 more words


More Proving Grounds Success

Whew! That one was tough. Really tough. I did finally manage to get Proving Grounds Gold: Tank on my prot warrior, though.  That gold completion marks the third and final role completed, and 08/11 classes completed. 203 more words


NBA Lightning Strike: Fixing the Lottery

“Fixing the Lottery”


So far I have been a big fan of new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. He has a quiet confidence about him and he handled the Donald Sterling controversy perfectly, saving the game some serious cultural damage. 1,257 more words

NBA Lightning Strike