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Anti-Tanking Policy in the AFR

My newspaper op ed piece appeared this morning in the Australian Financial Review (Thursday 31 July), regarding my suggestion to circumvent tanking in pro-sports leagues with reverse-order drafts (see also… 73 more words


Why Professional Sports Drafts Are Evil - Part I [Repost]

[Originally posted on my old blog "One Man's View, El Bloggo Fantastico" in April, 2010]

The 2010 NFL draft is mere days away and the entire NFL fan base is atwitter. 581 more words


76ers fighting NBA Draft Lottery changes

76ers fighting Draft Lottery changes.

The NBA has been ridiculed for it’s Draft Lottery system, one that is perceived by many to be fixed by the league. 287 more words


Philadelphia vs Atlanta and the Finish Line + Ensemble title caliber teams

The Philadelphia 76ers plan to win a championship begins with tanking. The philosophy is to avoid the “middle ground” – meaning to be really bad, to get enough high draft picks/stars to eventually contend and win a title. 1,071 more words


Of Lists, Alts and Upcoming Expansions

There are no spoilers here-in, even in Mattyland.

I’m certain everyone who has altitis does this in different ways. We know that the Godmother makes lists, while others try to keep a few key toons well geared, and play others when the mood strikes. 622 more words



So, what do you do when there’s no new content and you’d kinda rather be doing anything else?

Alt raid!

Wait … what? Three days of raiding just isn’t enough I guess. 280 more words


Fixing The NBA Draft Lottery Requires Rewarding Winning

If the NBA really wants to restructure the draft lottery process to eliminate tanking, the league should look to reward winning.

Time for the NBA to do away with this system.

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