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My Dog Ginger And I Think These Are Two Awesome Dogs!

Hey it’s Tanner! The Secret Service yesterday tweeted photos and mini-bios of the two dogs who helped take down a man who jumped the White House fence a day earlier. 114 more words


Building tree structure in a database-how to fill in the tree one child node at a time?

I’m building a tree in a MySQL database using an adjacency list so each row has a node_id and a parent_id.

The tree will be filled with data over time and I need to fill it in a certain way: 149 more words


Toby Keith Talks Drunk Americans and Mullets!

The Big Dog Daddy Toby Keith spent some time with The Tanner in the Morning show this week. Toby talked about the new song called Drunk Americans and talked the finer points of mullets! 86 more words


Is It Just Me? This Seems Kinda Wrong!

It looks like the nun who won Italy’s version of The Voice in June is trying to hold on to her worldwide fame — or at least her record label is — making the attention-grabbing move of releasing a cover of Madonna’s classic 1984 hit, “Like a Virgin,” as the first single from her new album. 80 more words


What King Tut Looked Like!

Thanks to a digital likeness of King Tut created by scientists, we now know what the ancient Egyptian ruler likely looked like, and it apparently wasn’t very pretty. 111 more words


Pack Smacked!

OK so there wasn’t a lot of positives to take away from yesterdays beating at the hands of the Green Bay Packers!  So where do we go from here? 104 more words


5 Year Old Joins NBA Team!

5-Year-Old JP Gibson Plays for the Utah Jazz! Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, was in uniform and joined the Jazz on the bench for an open scrimmage. 42 more words