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Today was a good day...

Today was a good day overall… I yelled less (which was my biggest goal for the day). I also found time to take a long shower which was very nice. 251 more words

Burnt Out Mom

The Cup Situation

When you are a mom, you usually have an instant camaraderie with other moms because you can bond over the successes and challenges of motherhood. Even more so if your kids are the same age and you are in the throes of similar day-to-day stuff. 1,370 more words


Tears, tantrums and titles at Man City

From darning holes in socks for Division Two grafters on less than £1,000 a week to ordering dozens of new shirts every match for global superstars picking up more than £200,000, it has been a varied 22 years for Les Chapman. 1,290 more words

The World is Having a Tantrum; The World Needs a Hug

Sometimes I am amazed by the way current societal trends make their way into the hearts of people who should know better–people like me–and then society’s sickness infects our families, and then, because family is the core of civilization, that sickness becomes a permanent change in society. 1,085 more words


A New Beginning

A few days ago I hit my breaking point. Bubby had been, it seemed, a very “bad boy” the entire day. I can’t remember exactly how many times he ended up in time out or in his room to calm down, but it seemed like every time I said something or if I looked at him a little cross eyed he would explode into a burning rage of fire and scream, tantrum, hit, yell, kick and just all out throw a hissy fit. 1,126 more words

Protests, Tantrums and Stress Relief

Tiny little legs kicked with a fierce energy as tiny little fists waved in the air. Nope, there wasn’t a mosh put in sight, besides I believe they have age restrictions on that. 236 more words

Airline Cabin Crew -What Goes Around, Comes Around

I have the utmost respect for my fellow hospitality friends, the Airline Crew. I can imagine to an extent the stress that their jobs can bring in to their high flying lives. 795 more words