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Time for a Chat

In second  third fourth of a series highlighting our garden visitors ( I realise as I write I’ve mentioned Sparrows,  a Hamerkop as well as… 93 more words


Raining Season

Raining season is coming up soon in Tanzania and that means we here at TEACA get ready for planting. Our field officer Mr. Njau our driver Mr. 112 more words



Safari is the Swahili word for a trip or journey. In English, I believe it means getting driven around a national park or game reserve in Africa and taking a lot of pictures. 445 more words


31 Day challenge

I’ve never really been good at these sort of things. The “do this every day for a month” things… But when I saw this one, I felt it would be a really good idea. 136 more words


I will never take salt for granted again + flamingos

Bagamoyo, där jag befinner befinner mig sedan en vecka tillbaka, är en liten stad ca en timme norr om Dar es Salaam. namnet betyder ungerfär “lay down your heart” på Swahili. 266 more words

Airplanes - Waking up the Airport

 We arrived first and when the noise of the engine stopped the deathly quiet was disturbing.  Then it was immensely pleasurable as I remembered a sequence of beautiful mornings in Zimbabwe several years before.  446 more words



Sometimes images from Snapshot Serengeti can be beautiful even when there are no animals in them! This great shot of a rainbow really shows up the dark area of sky outside the primary bow, know as… 17 more words

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