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A School for Orphans in Tanzania

by Divya Wodon, Naina Wodon, and Quentin Wodon

Dawn Wittfelt, the immediate past president of the Sykesville Rotary club, has been a member of her club since 2007. 379 more words


Carrying Majani

When you walk through my village, you’ll see many people carrying large bundles of Grass on their head. This grass is mainly used to feed the cattle. 16 more words


Mount Kilimanjaro Climb - I MADE IT! 🎉

Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the hardest, but easily the most rewarding thing I have ever had to do!

I left on the 29th of August, flying through Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and landing in Nairobi, Kenya to drive down to Moshi, Tanzania. 653 more words

Exploding the Ebola Myth

There is no Ebola in Tanzania. Africa is a big continent and Ebola is in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. To put this in context it is as far from Tanzania as London is from Toronto. 273 more words


25. Enjoy - 31 days TZ

Oh how I get to enjoy watching these little ones grow.

Some come into our care so small, so fragile, so helpless. Like little Maxine, … 92 more words


Teaching – What a Wonder!

Simon Peter Okello came from Uganda in our second week at Mwalimu Anna School. He works at Lira Integrated Secondary School as a biology teacher, the Director of Studies, and leading Bible study and sports programs. 582 more words