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The Book of the Right Way of Laozi- 59.


The ruler who submits to the cosmic order conserves his resources.
Truly, he who conserves his resources is well-prepared.
Truly, he who is well-prepared amasses great virtue. 56 more words

Tao Te Ching

The subtle perception of the way things are

We are in a Lourdes, France, place of miracles. Our room has a kitchen and we have come back from the market. We invite you to join us for lunch! 423 more words


And this is the answer...

Look, I found it. It was always there.

Tao Te Ching


Of old he who was well versed in the way
Was minutely subtle, mysteriously comprehending, 112 more words


It is inexhaustible


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We took the morning bus from Finesterre to Santiago and got a room close to the train station. 1,631 more words


The Book of the Right Way of Laozi - 58.


When government is invisible, the people are honest.
When government is officious, the people are taxed.
Bad luck upholds good luck, which leans on bad luck. 56 more words

Tao Te Ching

The Taoist Way

Failure is an opportunity.
If you blame someone else,
there is no end to the blame.

Therefore the Master
fulfills her own obligations
and corrects her own mistakes. 20 more words


It alone endures

While in Finesterre, Spain, the end of the earth, we discuss how we will begin our round-the-world pilgrimage. We purchase a EuRail pass and will go to the Cathedral of Barcelona. 1,143 more words