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Strategy Number Four - Practice Mystic Virtue

Practice Mystic Virtue

The Strategy: Follow the true path of Mystic Virtue. Mystic virtue opens the door to the true path. The mysterious virtue of source will flow freely to and through you and all whom you encounter will experience goodness. 1,146 more words

Self Awareness

Using the Tao Te Ching to Transform Your Life (Chapter 1: The Way)

What is the Tao Te Ching?

The Tao Te Ching is a relatively short text on philosophy that is central in Eastern thought, particularly Taoism. While many hundreds of millions of people in the far east have read, studied, and applied that profound wisdom that is found within, many Westerners such as myself are only now beginning to discover it’s simple beauty and apply it to our daily lives. 944 more words

Change Is the Only Constant

“What is truth?” – Pontius Pilate

It is not uncommon for me to add a post to my blog and later wake up in the middle of the night thinking: 638 more words

Random Thoughts

Tao Te Ching Excerpt

Good deeds leave no signs.

Good words leave no flaws.

Good scheme needs no deliberate plans.

A good lock uses no bolts, yet it cannot be opened. 91 more words

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

What Do We Want? And why is desire such a tricky guide?

Much of what we experience as desire is actually a yearning for connection, and the only connection that truly satisfies is spiritual connection. 258 more words


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"Wrong desire is the greatest enemy of happiness." - Lao Tzu in Tao Te ChingGreener Pastures courtesy Creative Commons license by Daniel Ripoll

Improv Tao Te Ching

Translated from “Tao Te Ching – A New English Version” by Stephen Mitchell.

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 The following is a work in progress.

There are 81 sections/chapters of the Tao Te Ching. 6,294 more words


Pleasure, Not Play

“I can’t describe it. I start working on that car, and I just lose all track of time.”

There’s a big emphasis by many on how work should only be play. 512 more words

New Thought-Spirituality