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It alone endures

While in Finesterre, Spain, the end of the earth, we discuss how we will begin our round-the-world pilgrimage. We purchase a EuRail pass and will go to the Cathedral of Barcelona. 1,143 more words


The Book of the Right Way of Laozi


By order the state governs the nation.
By disorder the military exercises power.
But everything that occurs comes out of nothing.
How do I know that this is true? 175 more words

Tao Te Ching

The Book of the Right Way of Laozi


He who knows does not talk.
He who talks does not know.
Dull the sharp.
Emancipate the disorderly.
Soften the bright, blend the light, 78 more words

Tao Te Ching

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Lately I’ve found myself wondering if career stereotypes are really true? I was contacted online by a hot firefighter, and immediately asked him if he was a fireman hoochie like I’ve had friends warn me about. 269 more words

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Dao De Jing XLIII

The most tender things of creation race over the hardest.
A non-material existence enters into the most impenetrable.
I therefore recognize an advantage in the doctrine of not doing (wu wei) and not speaking.


Tao verse 4: some thoughts

from the Tao te Ching; a manual on the art of living

The Tao is like a well:

used but never used up.

It is like the eternal void:

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Starting Over: Rebuilding And Reinstalling

You’ll recall that the standard troubleshooting exercise has 2 steps:

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Executing the fix

This simple problem-solving model is useful because a mature understanding of these two steps leads to the possibility of forgoing either one. 2,047 more words