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Connecting & Letting Go

If I had to summarize what I’ve learned from Taoist and Buddhist philosophy it’s been a deeper understanding of how to let go and connect with life. 315 more words

Creative Systems Thinking

Something formless yet complete


Something formless yet complete,
born before heaven and earth,
silent, without shape,
standing alone, unchanging,
regarded as the mother of all things.

I do not know how to name it; 74 more words


Book Review of the Tao Te Ching translated by Stephen Mitchell

Recently I read this new translation of the ,”Tao Te Ching”

Since then I have been reading and re-reading it.

Never have I seen the truth presented so simply and so profoundly.

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Tao Tuesday Chapter 44

Surprise! Tao Tuesday ON a Tuesday!

Tao Tuesday is a web sharing project by Amy Putkonen of http://www.taotechingdaily.com. Each Tuesday she posts a chapter from her version of the Tao Te Ching and invites readers to write their own comment on the chapter. 412 more words

Tao Te Ching

Personal growth and the need for flexibility

People seriously working on a program of personal growth realize that having the intellectual and emotional capacity to be flexible is a key requirement for success. 183 more words

Personal Development

Tao Te Ching: stop being holy

All we really need to do, I sometimes think, is read a good translation of the Tao Te Ching, like the rather free-handed one by Ursula K. 210 more words

One who boasts has no steady stance


One who boasts has no steady stance.
One who shows off has no distinction.
One who reveals himself has no shine.
One who asserts himself has no merit. 35 more words