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Chuang Tzu Part 10

IF ONE IS TO GUARD and take precautions against thieves who rifle trunks, ransack bags, and break open boxes, then he must bind with cords and ropes and make fast with locks and hasps. 1,905 more words

Chuang Tzu Part 9

HORSES’ HOOFS ARE MADE for treading frost and snow, their coats for keeping out wind and cold. To munch grass, drink from the stream, lift up their feet and gallop this is the true nature of horses. 887 more words

Chuang Tzu Part 8

Two TOES WEBBED TOGETHER, a sixth finger forking off – these come from the inborn nature but are excretions as far as Virtue is concerned. Swelling tumors and protruding wens – these come from the body but are excretions as far as the inborn nature is concerned. 1,506 more words

Chuang Tzu Part 7

NIEH CH’UEH WAS QUESTIONING Wang Ni. Four times he asked a question and four times Wang Ni said he didn’t know. Nieh Ch’ueh proceeded to hop around in great glee and went and told Master P’u-i. 1,617 more words

Fatima miracle

This video shows a candlelight procession at Fatima.  Our Lady is being carried from left to right.

People come to Fatima because this is the place where Our Lady revealed messages to three children and where about 70,000 people saw a miracle….the sun spinning in the sky and falling to earth. 116 more words


Chuang Tzu Part 6

HE WHO KNOWS WHAT IT Is that Heaven does, and knows what it is that man does, has reached the peak.

Knowing what it is that Heaven does, he lives with Heaven. 4,334 more words

Chunag Tzu Part 5

IN LU THERE WAS A MAN named Wang Tai who had had his foot cut off.’ He had as many followers gathered around him as Confucius. 2,735 more words