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Last week I was finally able to meet up with Jane for dinner. It was a spur of the moment plan amidst her Project Runway style architecture school, but we managed to make it work. 437 more words


Day 55, Lunch: Chicken Taquitos

Delicious chicken taquitos with chips and salsa on the side. (Note: the chips are vegan tortilla chips, made with kale, carrots, and spinach, and SO yummy!)

Chicken Enchiladas and Chicken Taquitos - Fresh & Frozen!

I’ve been on a roll with this cooking and freezing thing and it has been nice because I would make a portion for us to eat and the other portion goes into the freezer. 117 more words


Lazy Mexican Sunday

The definition of lazy should be linked to my name. I can just imagine it. Flipping through one of the many dictionaries in our house and finding the word lazy which states this: 459 more words


Shrimp Taquitos

Over the weekend I made these shrimp kabobs and served them with a pineapple mango salsa and small corn tortillas. I was originally going to serve them without the tortillas but, my mom suggested to make tacos out of them because the meal didn’t have a carb source. 456 more words


hot yoga vs. taquitos

I. Love. Hot. Yoga. I love it to the point where it’s almost an addiction.

But, if you don’t live with me or hang out with me regularly on weeknights – you would have no idea. 540 more words

Short & Sweet

Stuffed Grilled Eggplants with Lemon & Raisins Quinoa

   Are you looking for something, easy, quick, healthy and yet beautiful to make? Then these taquitos are your call!


   Eggplants are one of my favorite veggies, and I would say is the most… 378 more words