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Two Levels of Al-A‘māl As-Sālihah (Good Deeds)

by Shaykh Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh

Every human that comes into this world is ordered to fulfil two responsibilities – Īmān and Al-A‘māl As-Sālihah (good deeds). 2,254 more words


The Path to Purification

The Sharī‘ah is divided into two parts: external and internal. The department of Sharī‘ah relating to external deeds like salāh and zakāh is called ‘fiqh’, while the one dealing with internal feelings and states of the heart is called ‘tasawwuf’. 536 more words

Social Issues

The cleanliness of the Masajid

By (Mufti) Abraar Alli

The religion of Islam being a natural way of life is promotes many simple, yet essential values to our existence. Islam lays a lot of importance to respect, etiquettes and moral conduct which can be found throughout the Quran and Sunnah. 879 more words

Social Issues


Kajian Tematis al-Qur’an & as-Sunnah # 494


“Taqwa” adalah isim dari kata “Ittiqa” yg asal katanya adalah “Waqa, Yaqi, Wiqayah” artinya: Terpelihara dan terlindung dari penyakit. 253 more words



I’d like to shoutout to my dear friend Tasneem Mahomed.. Happy Birthday and may Allah grant you many more that are filled with blessings and prosperity…. 430 more words

Strengthening understanding.

Strengthening understanding.. <3

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymin said:

“Taqwa is a means for strengthening understanding.

You see two men memorizing an ayah from the Book of Allah, one of them can extract from it three rulings, whilst the other is able to extract more than this, according to that which Allah has blessed him with in understanding. 11 more words

Purification Of The Soul / Manners / Character / Etiquette

Journeying: Following Yusuf's Footsteps: In the Front Line

بسم الله

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