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Nadia Prupis: Dozens Arrested as Protest Grows against Canadian Tar Sands Facility

Standing on side of campaigners, local mayor vows to wage ‘war’ against fossil fuel giant and federal government to defend community.

Ongoing protests in British Columbia to stop a tar sands pipeline project by fossil fuel giant Kinder Morgan escalated on Thursday night after 26 protesters were violently arrested. 439 more words


Pipelines, The Fight That No One Will Win.

Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain, Northern Gateway, Keystone XL, all across North America these projects spark a lot of controversy. People are divided when it comes to support for oil pipeline projects. 460 more words


The most destructive project on Earth

It’s time to take a stand America. We want a cleaner environment for ourselves and for our children, I know that. But seriously, we all have to grow a spine and take a stand before the oil refineries, NOW! 136 more words


GOP prefers to pay for 'corporate research,' forbids scientific discovery


Have you wondered lately if Republican leadership might be changing, becoming more representative as a political organization? Do you think that a GOP led Congress can be trusted or that the future of America or the world that lies ahead is surely going to be a better place to raise a family under a more ‘conservative’ government? 217 more words


We Won Keystone XL Fight in Lame Duck Senate. What Happens When GOP Congress Approves It?

By Anne Meador

On November 18, the Senate effort to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline fell one vote short of the necessary supermajority. As the last votes were counted and Senator Mary Landrieu’s hopes of proving her undying fealty to Big Oil were dashed, … 508 more words