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Essential Listening

Not too long ago I shared a list of books - fiction primarily – that I have found to be essential reading in my development as a person, a leader and a teacher of leadership. 311 more words

Gratitude Guide: Spring 2014 Edition

Every so often, especially on a rough day, I find it helpful to compile a list of things I’m grateful for. The Gratitude Guide, while for public consumption, is created in the same spirit.   681 more words

Sobrietyhacking 101

My small “inner voices” usually have a distinct stale flavour (which is what gives them away) because they’re the ones that try to convince me the past is permanent, my fears are based on inevitable truths and that loving presence is not enough.

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Pick up your tools, child

Having children is obviously a lifelong thing. Raising them is long too, but at some point you know they will be free to go out and do what they do, to plow ahead, or dawdle along, get lost, get found, get hurt, get healed, make mistakes, likely learn from those mistakes far too long into the future, and generally go in whatever direction they please, or are propelled. 491 more words


Duck Meditation

Tara Brach’s podcast on Equanimity: A Heart That is Ready for Anything kept me company this afternoon while I sat at home going through an entire Kleenex box nursing a cold. 342 more words


Lotus Meditation

On of my favorite meditations is the Lotus meditation. It seems to speak to me each time I practice it.

I found a well-written example… 346 more words