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Creativity and Compassion: What if we assumed basic goodness as fundamental?

There’s a lot of talk in education, in the workplace, politics, as well as in our personal and spiritual lives, about how we might find more creativity, wholeness, authenticity etc. 207 more words


What You Can Stop Doing Now to Build Stronger Relationships

Whenever I hear someone complain, I notice one consistent thing: They are arguing with “what is.” In other words, they are resisting reality, which if you think about this, doesn’t make much sense. 667 more words

Personal Branding

Mindfulness Ottawa November Meeting

Wisdom of Self-Acceptance by Tara Brach, PhD. Clinical Psychologist and Meditation Teacher

Facilitator: Zsuzsanna Grandpierre, MA (Ed), CCC

Zsuzsa is a psychotherapist at Bmindful Psychotherapy and Coaching Centre and a disabilities counsellor at Algonquin College. 126 more words


Even Colder, Seattle Clean, Religion Myth and Magic review, Radical Acceptance...

Its 20 degrees this morning. I have added sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt to the layers this morning and have a blanket ready for when I start to get cold(er). 746 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat

The Half-Smile of the Buddha

Martha Beck says, “The way we do one thing, is the way we do everything.” When I first read this, I was like, no way!  1,059 more words


My Buddha Goddess

When you live in Bali, you become familiar with the term “visa run.”  For some reason it makes me think of Cannonball Run.  Remember that old Burt Reynolds flick?  495 more words

Life's Gifts