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Quentin Tarantino in Numbers - Infographic

As I’m already starting to get excited about Tarantino’s next film ‘the Hateful Eight’, scheduled for a summer 2015 release, I made this Infographic about Quentin Tarantino’s films in numbers. 14 more words

#2 - Interstellar Review, Guardians Of The Galaxy Hype, & Tarantino News

We’re back for episode two! Be sure to check it out! Also, don’t forget to head on over to our Tumblr where we share links pertaining to our conversation topics! 46 more words


My top 10 greatest villains

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved villains. It was always the big bad that interested me more in Disney films rather than the hero. 335 more words


Tarantino Month: Jackie Brown


Hey readers, Reviewer of Steel here with the next movie in my Tarnation Month, and today it will be a movie of his I have never seen before this viewing, Jackie Brown! 477 more words

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sparkling or Still.”

My perfect day off would be me sitting around staring at a wall and being happy, so drugs would probably have to be involved.

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The Badass Draft - Mark's Team

We covered Dan’s Badass Draft team yesterday and today, Mark Myers has our second team in the Badass Draft.  He’s got a pretty versatile team, and at least one surprise. 345 more words