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The Brown Haitian Tarantula

During my first year at college, my roommate and I did not get on-campus housing. This was both a blessing and a curse. We were placed in off-campus apartments, close to campus – a blessing because we were less supervised and a curse for the same reason. 782 more words


Damon diadema Caresheet

Disclaimer: This was not meant to be a copy-and-paste kind of caresheet that comes from doing minimal research online. This caresheet is the result of successfully owning this species for years, and reading up on them throughout that time.

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Poppin Fresh Phobias — Part One

I may live like an agoraphobic, but I’m not one. I do, however, have some phobias and I seem to be collecting more of them as I get older. 1,221 more words

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Podcast Episode 36 Animal Geeks - Tarantulas

https://askanimalgeeks.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/spiders.mp3This week we set about dissecting a Mouse Spider.  We have a general look at Tarantulas aka Mygalomorph spiders.  We fire up the time machine for a quick look at spider evolution in the Triassic. 24 more words


My Dreams for Reptiles and Invertebrates as Pets

Hello everyone! I thought that I might want to make a post about my dreams for my future pets, why I love the creatures I do, and explaining a bit of my care plans for them! 922 more words


studying a tarantula hawk

My friend Patricia gives me this tarantula hawk for my insect anatomy series. She finds it dead inside her home. I learn it’s the official state insect of… 208 more words



My trip journey to San Pedro Sula from Newark started a bit slow because there was a technical problem with the plane and they had to change the tires. 1,535 more words

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