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So proud of Ava, and me too...

This past weekend Ava and I had a little daddy / daughter night at Mitch Park in Edmond. Extreme Animals of OKC were there for the Hotdog Rock Show. 110 more words


Spiders of Cyprus

Spiders of Cyprus

by Ralph Kratzer

My article about “Snakes of Cyprus” from last year was one of the most read posts on my tfr-website (to remember – 736 more words

General Tips

The winner: The Insects.

Beware the insects.

Science fiction needs an enemy of mankind and insects is a favorite theme used.

Them: In this 1954 movie mutated ants in the desert of New Mexico grow to a size of a motorcycle. 391 more words

A Little Horror Story

The Strange and the Beautiful

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”


I’ve reached the point in this blog (after only the second post, which should tell you something) where I can now move away from the “norm”, companion wise. 270 more words



So, don’t read any further if you don’t like them!!

Was that a sizeable gap to give you chance to click another link? It wasn’t? Sorry O.o… 474 more words


Like, Where The Hell Are We?

I was forced to take a Phonology (meh) and Grammar test (booOooOoo) to pass my TESOL course/get on the bus to Siem Reap to see some of Cambodia’s most famous temples. 489 more words

Witness The Epic Battle In Between A Tarantula And A Spider-Hunting Wasp

While we usually think of spiders as the ones eating insects, spider wasps (members of the loved ones Pompilidae) prey on spiders. This video captures a showdown between a tarantula and one of these spider-hunting wasps. 18 more words

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