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Amazon for Tourists

Returning to Puerto Maldonado, we were whisked off in a bus with a larger G Adventures group who had been together on a broader trip through Peru, now to be taken with us to the ‘G Adventures Lodge’, 2 hours upstream. 1,161 more words

The Alligator Wrestler and one too many "Roommates"

I love animals and have one cat. Any more than that and I am a “single, crazy cat lady.” I also used to ride horses growing up. 257 more words


Close Encounter of the 1st Kind


I’d like to fool myself into thinking that someone other than 3 friends will read this, so cue the stumbling introduction!

My gloriously full first three names are Meagen Olivia Rose (thanks mom). 455 more words


Something to Do

I came home yesterday from taking the two children for NancyCamp (more later), walked through the garage, and my heart melted. I nearly cried because when I left, Bo was beginning what would no doubt  be another bad day — confused,  bored, exhausted.   368 more words


Your soul will never recover after its encounter with the "Tarantula Hawk" - Walt Disney's Secrets of Life

Disney is the standard-bearer for family friendly entertainment. We can quibble that their output is all too often saccharine and sanitized, but for big eyed animorphs and cloying tugs at heartstrings, you don’t have to go far beyond the Magic Kingdom’s catalog. 478 more words


Carpe Diem Haiku *Issa "skylight!"*

Today our source of inspiration on Carpe Diem are haiku, written by Kobayashi Issa:

* * *
don’t be mean
to that horsefly

* * * 84 more words