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I’ve been afraid of spiders for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t matter how big or small, or if it is poisonous or not. 550 more words

Creepy Crawlers

Nature is pretty fascinating. Dogs and cats get the majority of the press and have the best PR agents working for them. But I think weird and creepy animals outnumber cute and cuddly ones. 35 more words


Absorbing Phnom Penh

The journey from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh was bumpy and long, but seriously stunning.

As I was doing the whole ‘when in Asia’ thing, I tried some more local delicacies. 542 more words



A’s girlfriend came back from Phnom Penh the other night and smuggled back 3 deep fried tarantulas for him! And the first person A thought of to share this Cambodian delicacy was – you guessed it – fat man lol. 148 more words


Salmon Pink Birdeater named Manny-

Hello everyone!

Yes! We have visited the reptile expo and bought two beautiful beauties… a garg (posted previously) named Belfour and a tarantula named Manny- 75 more words


Top 20 New Species of 2014

Top 20 New Species of 2014

Jan 18, 2015 by Natali Anderson

Sci-News.com compiles an annual list of the top 20 new species of animals, plants and insects found in the past twelve months. 1,249 more words