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A House Guest With Too Many Legs

I keep forgetting to mention to you all that we have a tarantula in our house. This arrangement was made without my knowledge or consent. Mercy agreed to spider-sit Shelob for a friend’s sister’s friend’s husband. 290 more words

Arachnophobe or arachnophile?

Elmyra Duff has an overenthusiastic love for pets. She lacks the most basic concepts of pet care and shows her affection by chasing down animals and constricting a hug out of them. 787 more words

DANTA: Association For Conservation Of The Tropics

Fun Fact Friday: Tarantulas

If provided with water, tarantulas can survive for up to 2 years without food!

Source: Baerg WJ. (1958). The Tarantula. University of Kansas Press, Lawrence, KS.

Fun Fact Friday

Molting Tarantula Looks Like a Scene From ‘Aliens’

(CBS SF) – A YouTube video from Tarantupedia, a encyclopedia website dedicated to Tarantulas, is garnering some views due to a time lapse footage of a tarantula in the molting process. 156 more words


Tarantula Up Close

I’ve decided to post entries of animal studies and references here also. It seems like a good idea to build my library here besides on FB. 190 more words


Drink The Tarantula

Tequila is one of the best alcoholic beverages to make mixed drinks with; but there are so many options to choose from. Have you ever heard of Tarantula Tequila? 372 more words


Day twenty-four: Amazon Jungle, Peru (2)

This morning Checa takes the children on a jungle treasure hunt. They are taken through the jungle’s trail system to accomplish several tasks, earning them each a prize at the end. 485 more words

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