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Discovery Exclusive Radio Control Tarantula

Radio control tarantula with remote. Give your friends a real fright with this super scary life-like spider.

Back To Bangers

Fried Tarantula. ..scorpion. ..cockroach anyone? The typical snack of choice telling me im back on the Koh San Road after 4 months. (The things that bring about sentiment!)

When the Foeman Bares His Steel. . .

All together, now (with apologies to any G&S fans out there, of which I am not one):


I am one lucky lady. A chance conversation with my sculpture teacher / life modeling enabler about my 40at40 has led to me getting one of the tricky challenges ticked off my list. 707 more words

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Flores and Tikal, Guatemala!! - Ancient ruins, a broken paddle boat, and a tarantula as a watch

GUATEMALA! Such an amazing country, every place I have been here in this country has been amazing and my 1st stop, Flores, was no different. Flores is a gorgeous small town in the middle of a lake and that you can walk around in 30 minutes or less. 1,407 more words


Care for Mexican Fire Leg Tarantulas - September 2013

By Anthony Neubauer


The group of tarantulas that make up the genus Brachypelma are ideal spiders for any hobbyist. Their generally calm demeanor, decent yet manageable size(5-6 inches), and stunning colors make them perfect for a display animal. 1,167 more words


A Quick Fix Of Nature

I intended to do another post of some of my research on animals and myths, but some busy work has come to me, so today I will just give you a quick hit  image of a tarantula I took a few years back when I was living in California. 45 more words


Tarantula - Postcard

My favorite thing about this poster design has always been that the artist clearly had no reference materials for the film.