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Handling Tarantulas - Some Things to Consider

To hold or not to hold … THAT is the question.

For many keepers, one of the highlights of the hobby is getting some hands-on interaction with their animals. 2,266 more words


Tarantula Migration--Can they get in the car?

I lived in Roswell, NM, for about five years. I managed an HIV agency that served the southeastern quadrant of the state, 33,000 square miles, which was pretty impossible, with about 126 clients, so I did a lot of driving on little-traveled roads. 254 more words


The Best Tarantula Species for Beginners

So, you want to buy a tarantula.

When I went searching for my first tarantula back in the late ’90s, the only information I could find on them was in exotic pet magazines and outdated books. 2,263 more words


Savage Writing: Host

This week’s topic was simply “spooky stories.” Well, it so happens that that sci-fi idea I’ve had involved some stuff I find incredibly scary…

One part of this dialogue is originally based off a comment on Reddit that I can no longer find. 1,712 more words


P. crassipes Feeding Video

Finally, I caught it…my P. crassipes feeding!

I have spent the last several weeks trying to get a feeding video of my juvenile Phlogius crassipes. Although this smokey-gray beauty has become a bit more brazen as it has gained some size, it usually retreats to one of its many burrow entrances at the slightest disturbance. 187 more words


Great Basin Serpentarium - A Review

A fantastic spider shopping experience!

I recently discovered Great Basin Serpentarium while perusing the For Sale/Trade/Want to Buy section on Arachnoboards. I had been on the lookout for some T. 480 more words