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C. cyaneopubescens (or the GBB)

This can’t be a real tarantula…

When I first began researching what type of tarantulas I might get to start my collection, I encountered a photo of a spider so colorful and beautiful, that I was at first convinced that it was a clever Photoshop creation. 878 more words


Choosing the Right Substrate for Your Tarantula

Pick your poison…

Since getting into the hobby, I’ve spent a lot of time (more than I’d like to admit) experimenting with various substrates. When I bought my first T about 18 years ago, the popular choice for spider bedding was dry vermiculite. 1,027 more words


A Ruined Birthday

9th June, 2014

SARAH’S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Sarah!

We spent the day at the Tikal ruins, the New York City of the Mayan world. The Mayan’s settled here around 700BC and over time built structures up to 61m high, at its peak Tikal had a population of approximately 100,000. 337 more words


GBB (C. cyaneopubescens) Painting

A Greenbottle Blue painting? Why not!

In my free time, I do illustration for work for magazines and small press book companies. Most of my work falls in the horror/dark fiction genres, which I enjoy, but I’m always looking for an opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone. 173 more words


Poecilotheria Regalis (Indian Ornamental)

The Poecilotheria regalis originates from India, hence its common name of “Indian Ornamental”, and it is probably the most commonly kept of the Poecilotheria genus of tarantulas. 700 more words


Grammastola porteri (The "Rosie") Care

The “vanilla” of the tarantula hobby.

Anyone who has read my bio or some of my posts knows that the first tarantula I ever acquired was my female Grammastola porteri (Common name, “Chilean Rose” or “Rosie”). 1,053 more words


A duel with tarantulas

The things men do for love…

In Las Vegas in 1892 when a Mexican and an American fell in love with the same woman, they promptly fell out with each other.

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