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Wait, which way is backwards and which is forwards…???

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Some fun for Everyone - Horton hears a Tardis!

I first wrote and posted this about a year ago, I hope you enjoy:

For all you “Dr Who” lovers – a bit of fun! :) 397 more words

Why I Write

What I am Thankful For...


DOCTOR: I wouldn’t say that. The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. Hey. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant. 41 more words

Doctor Who Linoprints - Tech Series

I decided a while ago that I was going to do a nice even dozen of Doctor Who themed linoprints, cut into three series of four. 57 more words


Review: 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Doctor Who Soundtrack!

I ordered this way back in April; as you may remember, Silva Screen did a limited-edition 50th Anniversary soundtrack set, but you had to pre-order it, as they would make exactly as many copies as they received orders for.   587 more words

Doctor Who

"Spare Parts" and the Cybermen

“We are human.”

“We will survive.”

Two lines from the Doctor Who audio Spare Parts that together encapsulate so perfectly and chillingly what the Cybermen are supposed to be.  770 more words

Doctor Who