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Doctor Shoes

Do you remember that time when I tatted the Doctor’s TARDIS? Well, that was almost two years ago (how time flies!!), and my fetish with all things Doctor Who has only grown and matured since then. 209 more words

Hines Down Under

When Frazer Hines signed up to appear in the fourth series Doctor Who story The Highlanders in 1966 he didn’t expect a Tardis ride that would last to this day. 851 more words

The Emergence: A Pilot bonds with her TTC

A story from House Arcalian.

Some of you may have wondered not who Saffia Widdershins is (for she is well-known for presenting New Gallifrey Public Record) but how she was able to be a part of New Gallifrey, even to possess her own TTC … 25 more words

New Gallifrey


The TARDIS is in the library!  Yes I’m a nerd, and yes I was freaking out a little to see this display. :)


R is for Rory Williams

I had a few different ideas for characters that start with the letter R, but really, only one of them would show up out of space and time and kick my butt for not including him. 471 more words

TV Shows

063 The Mutants

I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to find good things to say about every Doctor Who serial I’ve viewed, whether they include giant penis aliens… 1,427 more words

Classic Doctor Who

Relationships, they're bigger on the inside.

I must have heard it a dozen times when I announced I was divorcing Seth after 10 years together.

“I’m confused. You guys were so happy.” 468 more words