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It's My Friday

And I have big plans this weekend.

Considering I am a mom who has grown up a lot since my twenties, big plans mean something much different than it did even as few as five years ago. 278 more words

365 Day Blog Challenge

Some Customers Think Your Store Is a Playground

Have you ever had someone who just wanted to be an annoying butt-hole?  I had one of those the other day. Here I am, calmly walking down the aisle with my carriage doing a few returns when all of a sudden some guy in a mart cart thinks target practice using plastic balls is a good idea.   330 more words

Shooting Gallery 2

throwing lead in the maddening
strobe light makes bullets stand still
in the flashing midair giving targets
tense moments to think between
blinks how they justify driving the… 30 more words


Dangerous Hobby

I have this image of myself.  An image that I am trying hard to accomplish.  In this image I am smart with all kinds of things to prove it (college degrees and certifications), I am slim and healthy (still working on the healthy part…slim will follow), and a girl who can handle her self.   810 more words

Girl Shoots Apples Off Tree By Stems

Kirsten Joy Weiss does a lot of “trick shots” on YouTube. I thought this was pretty impressive. Check her out!

Web design and Charity Fun Run!

OK so let me start off by saying this – web design meetings can be so much fun, especially when my new (toy) crossbow arrives and we get side tracked…. 213 more words

My Life