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Facebook takes on Twitter with real-time Super Bowl hub

Looks like Facebook has decided it can do Twitter’s job better.

The social media site has built a live news hub for Sunday’s upcoming Super Bowl. 256 more words

Here's why new competitors can't do what Hotel Tonight does

HotelTonight, the app for booking a hotel stay on the go, has introduced new personalized price cuts, one called a “bonus rate” and the other called a “rate drop.” 450 more words

Brand Building in a Digital, Social and Mobile Age Joel Rubinson, Rubinson Partners Inc. #NetGain2015 #MRX

Live blogging from the Net Gain 2015 conference in Toronto, Canada. Any errors or bad jokes are my own.

Brand Building in a Digital, Social and Mobile Age… 569 more words

Marketing Research

Keys to Conversion: Turning “Likes” into “Loves”

It’s not enough to just have customers and prospects “like” your content marketing. You need to get them to love your marketing. And sweeping someone off their feet with your content requires many of the same tactics as sweeping them off their feet in romance: 759 more words


Age Dictates Mindset

All brands define their demographic by the basics – age, gender, geography, income, and many other clearly defined criteria. This is a basic marketing step. The digital world has been layering on many more detailed targeting opportunities such as alignment with other brands, interest areas, digital relationships, online actions, and a plethora of unique profile characteristics. 701 more words


Customer Relationship Groups - Building the Right Relationships with the Right Customers

It is often thought that a company should acquire as many customers as possible. In the end, the more customers, the more revenue, right? No, that is not necessarily true. 787 more words

Marketing Environment

In the Political Arena, Data Rules, but Data Means Little Without Appropriate Content

By leveraging the massive amounts of data available about voters, political campaigns have gotten remarkably good at targeting. They can find a voter interested in a particular topic and send a message to him or her through various channels. 446 more words

Chapter 09: Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning