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What Ediplomacy can Learn from Ehealth: The Importance of Tailoring Foreign Policy Messages

On Governments and Cyberspace

In 1996 John Perry Barlow published the Deceleration of Independence of Cyberspace. In his manifesto, Barlow envisioned cyberspace as a world that is detached from the physical one, a world that would offer its inhabitants a new marketplace of ideas and free speech far from the tyranny of government. 990 more words

Twitter is tracking the apps on your phone

In its latest effort to improve its ad targeting, Twitter will start collecting information on what mobile apps its users have downloaded.

If you’re in the Pandora camp instead of the Spotify camp, Twitter will know. 220 more words

From marketing automation to the phone call that seals the deal

Guest post by Luke Rees: In this “always-on” digital age, where we spend more time on the internet than we do sleeping, it’s easy for us as marketers to get swept along by the “always on” culture, trapped in a frame of mind which says that customer interactions only happen online. 521 more words


"Digital Strategy" doesn't have to be an oxymoron

Nov 20 2014

Below is my interview with Chris Muccio of Social Fusion Group.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Melissa Fisher, on the topic of digital marketing strategy. 1,773 more words

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing in a Data-driven World

Are you struggling to make sense of where digital fits in your marketing mix?

Are you being hounded by technology vendors and agencies offering the next new digital ‘thing’? 475 more words


Thanksgiving: Success is in the Preparation

This month I have been inundated with ads, recipes, and media advice about the highly anticipated Thanksgiving meal. This past weekend I was busy myself shopping, cooking, and freezing food for our road tip to see family later this week. 343 more words


How PR Pros Reach the White House and Other Political Groups

This year’s PRSA Annual conference included an excellent discussion on the various tools organizations use to engage with The Hill.  In this piece, Danny Selnick, SVP of Public Policy and LatinoWire, outlines that discussion as well as the latest research on the communication habits of congressional offices and their staffers.  37 more words

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