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Manchester United 2014/15 Transfer Targets

This is my first transfer news blog and I would like to write it about a team close to my heart- Manchester United.
After a torrid transfer window last summer, the Red Devils need to prove that they really are right up there with the biggest clubs and have the financial capability to pull off a move that will shock the footballing world. 2,234 more words

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Yesterday I had a nice chat with a customer who I have known for about 17 years. We spent some time catching up and he asked how my extra curriculum activities were going. 193 more words


As I’ve made a positive start in my first week and not touched a drop of fizzy drink I’ve decided to start working on another one of my sub-goals for my health goal and stop eating biscuits!


Gang Stalking - As targets, we should always expect the unexpected.

I almost had a fire in my apartment.

When I want something toasted, I use the oven., I used to have a toaster, but the perps screwed around with the electrical system. 334 more words


7 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals For Your Employees

Measuring performance is a key part of looking after your team and being able to provide them with the best opportunities for development. Many workers will appear to be very busy, but this does not necessarily mean they are high-performing. 266 more words

Initial progress

So, I’ve been going to powerlifting for a couple of weeks now and I’m still loving it!

As I’m still finding my form for each lift, I’ve had a steady increase for each session and have managed to PB on each lift for each session, a definite confidence booster! 413 more words