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What A Blast! An Introduction to Cowboy Mounted Shooting

UNION COUNTY, Iowa — It looks like something a ten-year-old invented.

In other words, it looks like a blast.

“There’s not much more fun than getting to ride a horse and shoot a gun at the same time,” says Clint Travis, behind a big smile. 401 more words


Google Glass in the military

Google Glass has recently released a app that can allow shooters to shoot around corners whilst being hidden from return fire. The app is called ShotView and its been made by a Texas company called Tracking Point. 110 more words

Gang Stalking - Hackers, hack away at my computer -- but I'll always come back.

I love coming into the library and seeing the new hackers. They look so smug. They think I don’t know about the fact that they hack my computer.¬† 195 more words


My Financial Goals - What they are and how to achieve them

I eventually want to write a specific¬†post, in more detail, about each of my goal areas. I thought I’d take this time to write more about my Financial goals. 894 more words


And it begins again...again?!

I haven’t blogged on this in ages. It’s probably the guilt. Once again failing with my attempts to get fitter and lose weight after starting with all the best intentions. 383 more words

Roller Derby: Game Changer.

I have said, repeatedly, that 23 has been my best age. I am about to turn 24 and it is with a touch of sadness that I have to leave behind the age that transitioned me from regular Elle into Attack-O-Belle. 423 more words


Video Analysis Assignment

As the lesson/video (Lewis, 2013) begins, the instructor wastes little time stating the objectives of the following lesson. He does an excellent job of stating the learning objectives clearly and why they are important. 1,228 more words