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First blog...where to start?

An Irish sales blog that focuses in on the real issues that salespeople the world over experience daily. It doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell, the burning issues are normally the same. 155 more words


Gang Stalking - The answer to what's happening to you now lies in the past.

Well, all the usual suspects are at the library again. Always trying to prevent me from writing my blog. You see, I’ve been at this game longer than they have, so usually no matter what they do, I find a way of getting around them. 337 more words


Gang Stalking - Odd Interlude

I want to recommend a book to targets. The name of it is “odd Interlude”. It is by Dean Koontz. I’ve read a few of his books, but this one makes me think he knows about how evil the government is. 310 more words


Target Experiments

I used Photoshop to experiment with the use of targets.


How long does it take?

I was reading a fellow blogger who mentioned making habitsĀ and my memory flew back to what I’d previously blogged something about breaking habits (when I quit smoking) 1,167 more words

Healthy Eating

2 runs in 3 days!

This is amazing consistency for me. I’m still running slower than most people’s walking speed, elderly folk with walking frames overtake me, (well they would if there happened to be any getting a breath of fresh air wandering around a couple of football pitches), but I did 30mins on Mon and again this lunchtime. 24 more words