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The Universe is Filled with Abundance

Thursday the winner of the Biddy Tarot with Confidence Tarot Foundations II Class scholarship was announced …

and I wasn’t a winner.  My heart sank a little when I read the news because I REALLY, REALLY wanted to be in the class. 817 more words

Weekly Forecast July 28th - August 3rd

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – Legba La Flambeau – This week starts off hot, flaming & energetic! Doors open to new ideas and adventures.

Thursday & Friday – Masa La Flambeau – More fire! 68 more words


September 2014: Explore Lenormand with Divine Flame

Join us in September 2014 as we explore the “Lenormand” system of divination with cards.

Named after Mlle Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, the system features 36 cards with pictures on them. 156 more words


Flash Reading!

I’ve been catching up on readings for friends over the past few days.

Here is one for my friend, Randy. He is having a hard time and wondering when it will all end. 557 more words

Tarot: Symbolism of the Fool

Hermit’s view on Aelius as the Fool

The Fool is Loki’s card, a card of infinite possibilities and beginnings. It’s an exciting card, of one just setting off on a journey. 623 more words


Hungary Grand Prix Reading

What can we expect to see in the Hungarian Grand Prix

Mood for the weekend – The Hierophant
What to look out for – Ten of Cups…
466 more words


Today's Reading: Dealing with Internet Overload

Good morning, my dears! I hope everyone is doing well today. With all the horrible, terrible, awful news in the world happening right now, just being happy seems like a revolutionary act. 589 more words