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Three Card Creative Writing Spreads - Part 1

Well Met Tarot Friends,
This is another post for those of us who are writers as well as tarot lovers…or for any writers who find the idea of using tarot to enhance their writing, intriguing. 743 more words


Which Healing Modality? (Includes Tarot Spread)

Are you a healer? Have you found the healing modality that is just right for you or do you feel a bit lost with all that is on offer from Spiritual Healing and Reiki to Theta Healing and the Reconnection? 545 more words


Tarot Journalist

Hello lovelies,

Happy Tuesday!

I was looking up some tarot spreads last night and something caught my attention. I realized that for the last few years, I’ve been using a tarot journal. 490 more words

Creative Expressions

I made these today. I used an old Tarot card deck that I never liked to use and pictures from Dark Realms magazines, which is full of wonderful art work. 63 more words


My Medicine Wheel Tarot Prayer

A reminder of the importance of seeking answers from your subconscious. Carl Yung introduced us to the concept of a Collective Unconscious, which house knowledge passed on by genetics. 220 more words

Divine Connection

Friday, September 5th: 7 of Swords

Mental baggage slows us all down, and all of us have a tendency to carry large loads wherever we are traveling. Ease yourself into greater comfort with positive self-talk. 71 more words

Thursday, September 4th: 2 of Pentacles

The struggle to maintain some balance is always at the forefront of our lives. We unconsciously long for balance, obtaining an equality in our lives that will keep us at peace. 157 more words