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Creative Writing - Basic Plot Development Tarot Spread

I love writing and I love combining tarot and story-telling. Using the cards for writing prompts and designing spreads to generate story ideas are two fun ways to do that. 584 more words


Chrissey's Big Dipper Tarot Spread: A Spoonful of Sugar

  8         7



                                             4                                    3

                                                       .                      .

                                                 2                             1

Milky Way & Big Dipper Over Grand Tetons Panorama

Image Credit: Wally Pacholka

Read from bottom right: 705 more words

30 Day Divination Picture Challenge... Day 9

Hand drawn self-made tarot spread…

The Benefit of Hindsight…

  1. How did I get myself into this situation?
  2. Preconceived notions that blinded me to the facts.
  3. 44 more words

Significator Cards - to use, or not to use?

It seems to me that the Tarot community is fairly divided when it comes to the use of significator (also known as signifier) cards; some people swear by them while others have sworn off them!   777 more words


The Star: Inaugural Post (Drawn: 7/6/14)

Hello Internet!

This is the beginning of a blog for my reading of Tarot in my daily life. Tarot for me has never been an exercise in mysticism, but self-reflection with a variety of symbols – an encounter with chance, coincidence, and some kind of spiritual truth (if you don’t believe me, start reading your own tarot or email me for a reading of your own…). 1,693 more words


Rabbit Moon Tarot is Now on Facebook

Yes, I have finally done it – I’ve created a Facebook page for the blog!  Head on over and give it a Like to see exclusive content such as special offers, Tarot tips and tidbits, upcoming events and mini-readings.  16 more words