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30 Day Divination Picture Challenge... Day 9

Hand drawn self-made tarot spread…

The Benefit of Hindsight…

  1. How did I get myself into this situation?
  2. Preconceived notions that blinded me to the facts.
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Significator Cards - to use, or not to use?

It seems to me that the Tarot community is fairly divided when it comes to the use of significator (also known as signifier) cards; some people swear by them while others have sworn off them!   777 more words


The Star: Inaugural Post (Drawn: 7/6/14)

Hello Internet!

This is the beginning of a blog for my reading of Tarot in my daily life. Tarot for me has never been an exercise in mysticism, but self-reflection with a variety of symbols – an encounter with chance, coincidence, and some kind of spiritual truth (if you don’t believe me, start reading your own tarot or email me for a reading of your own…). 1,693 more words


Rabbit Moon Tarot is Now on Facebook

Yes, I have finally done it – I’ve created a Facebook page for the blog!  Head on over and give it a Like to see exclusive content such as special offers, Tarot tips and tidbits, upcoming events and mini-readings.  16 more words


A Tarot Spread for Self Esteem

Self-confidence is a slippery fish – one day you feel you have it firmly by the tail, the next it’s swimming free and out of reach in someone else’s pond. 837 more words


The Emotional Compatibility Tarot Spread

What is emotional compatibility? The first answer that springs to mind is that it is something very subjective, because the truth is that a couple with widely differing interests and personalities can be compatible if they are emotionally intelligent, compassionate and understanding of the needs of the other person. 595 more words