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Tough Questions Tuesday

Possibly the most important thing to remember in this is: you define the terms set forth. Hold them singly and separately in your mind for the clearest answers. 212 more words

Personal Journey

Three Souls Relationship Tarot Spread

Last week, I posted a Three Souls Tarot Spread for personal development on http://www.tarotize.com. After creating this spread, it struck me that looking at the state of the connection of the Three Souls between two individuals could also be useful. 453 more words


Improve Your Sex Life with the Tarot

I just love how versatile the Tarot is! There are virtually no limits to what you can do and learn with a deck of 78 cards. 406 more words

Tarot Spreads

Your Tarot Spreads Repertoire

At the intermediate level, every tarot practitioner should have a repertoire of at least 7 spreads. Now note that as an advanced reader, you will have fully developed your personal practice approach and may have only one spread that you always use, no matter the inquiry or situation, or a repertoire of spreads that are very different from the ones mentioned here, or an altogether different intuitive approach to readings. 1,952 more words

Tarot Thursday - Tarot Spreads

A tarot spread is a layout of the reading you’re going to perform, whether for yourself or a querent (the person seeking the reading). There are hundreds and hundreds of tarot spreads. 1,387 more words


Tarot for Sexual Ecstasy

Ecstasy (not the drug) has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel blessed because, being creative, I know many things which transport me to a state of bliss and ecstasy – foremost of which are… 425 more words


The 'Oh L'Amour!' Tarot Spread

It’s spring and love is in the air… Are you ready to get your mojo back with a hot and steamy Tarot reading about your latest flirt? 530 more words