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The Relationship Circus Tarot Spread

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… Welcome to the Relationship Circus where your inner child stars in most of the roles! 281 more words

Tarot Spreads

Free Psychic Development

I receive many emails and messages from individuals, often on a daily basis, asking for help with their psychic development. Unfortunately I cannot respond to, or work with every person that contacts me, I just don’t have the time, but the whole point of my work is to help you to help yourselves. 790 more words


Three Card Creative Writing Spreads - Part 1

Well Met Tarot Friends,
This is another post for those of us who are writers as well as tarot lovers…or for any writers who find the idea of using tarot to enhance their writing, intriguing. 743 more words


Why Did He Call Me By His Ex's Name?

Things are going great. You got the guy – congratulations! You may even have decided to be in a committed, exclusive relationship… and then BHAM, he accidentally calls you by his ex’s name! 434 more words


Collection of Tarot Spreads

Over the years I have found some amazing websites for tarot spreads.

Attached is a PDF collection of some of my favorites.

(yes it is 1 of 2, more to follow in time)





The Celtic Cross - The Most Popular Tarot Spread

Most people are aware that reading someone’s future with tarot cards is a complicated process. The cards each hold significance and can mean many things to many different people. 677 more words


Tarot Inspiration Station

I love to have inspiration around my home; from butterflies, feathers and positive quotes, to – you guessed it! – Tarot cards.

Today was my first day as a mature student and I wanted to celebrate it by creating an inspiration station to keep me on track when the hours are long and the workload is heavy. 507 more words