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Today's reading

Four of Cups

Lethargy or laziness, locking an individual in a cycle of wasted energy, while all around is the source of inspiration, there for the taking. 26 more words


Work to Work

1. X Pentacles
2. X Wands
3. Reversed Empress III
4. Reversed V Wands

To see how they enrich themselves while you carry the burden. 1,474 more words


Card of the Day - K♥ - King of Hearts (Cups)

12/18 – It’s a K♥ day:


Demonstrate the Power of Love. Socialize. Give. You could be feeling extra friendly or generous. 145 more words


2015 news for the blog ....

Aloha everyone.

I thought I would just put this up.  There will be some things going and some things coming on this site in 2015. 120 more words

Monthly Reading

Card of the Day-Partnerships and Alliances

Card of the Day-Partnerships and Alliances

The fruits of our labors are ready to be sown!

This card doesnt always herald new love, or the rekindling of an old one. 79 more words

Morning Thoughts

Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 12-18-14

12-18-14 Today’s Tarot is Key 1 Manifestation. You already have everything you need. It is time to confidently move forward. This card is about action and creation. 6 more words


COTD 18.12.14: Beat it into submission...

Today’s COTD is 5 of Wands

Stress is a horrid nasty warped thing to have to deal with, it leaves us feeling wretched and hopeless.  It has us snapping at those we love and causes mayhem if given the chance. 105 more words