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Your Tarot Card for October 25th is The Moon

The Moon

October 25th, 2014

What has traditionally been known as the Moon card refers to a deep state of sensitivity and imaginative impressionability, developed within a womb of deep relaxation. 161 more words

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Card of the Day - 10♥ - Ten of Hearts (Cups)

10/25 – a 10♥ Day.


This is a card of joy, peace and harmony. Another name for it is ‘success with the group’. 112 more words


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The Ancestor
You have made the leap and started a new cycle. Your instinctive spirit has felt it necessary to lead you to the gateway and a new path. 165 more words


The Halloween Oracle

Well, it’s that season again and it’s my favorite time of the year. How could I possibly resist this deck? This is not a Tarot deck but a 36 cards oracle deck. 156 more words


How Can a Tarot Reading Be "Empowering?"

Directly underneath my website’s title “Tarot Readings by Graham,” I make the following bold statement:

“No-Nonsense, EMPOWERING Tarot Card Readings”

I have discussed the “No-Nonsense” part of this statement… 222 more words


Daily Draw 10-25-2014

Daily Draw 10-25-2014

Tarot: 5 of Grails * (5 of Cups)

Instead of focusing on things that I feel negatively about, or that I feel I might be lacking in/of, focusing on what I do have and the good things that are in my life. 145 more words