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The Holcombe Tarot Series (1971 - 1975)

“The Tarot has always intrigued me, not because I believe it has any supernatural, occult or divinatory properties, but for precisely the opposite reason: that its symbols are empty, ambiguous and contradictory, and in being so seem to absorb whatever meanings or interpretations we wish to project into their random alignments. 147 more words

Wayne Burrows

Monday Mixtape - You can do magic

I love music and my taste is pretty eclectic I guess, but I’m always hearing songs that really resonate with me on some kind of weird higher level. 76 more words


Today's Tarot Card for July 28th is Strength


Monday, Jul 28th, 2014

What has traditionally been known as the Strength card represents Nature which, however wild in its primal form, is tamed by our subtler, finer (feminine, interior) self. 61 more words

Daily Posts

The Moon Day Forecast, 7/28/14

Greetings, Bitches!! Welcome back to the Moon Day Forecast! It’s the week of Lammastide (Lughnasadh for the Irish-y/Wiccan-y types), the peak of Summer (Or the start of Autumn depending on your tradition), so no doubt the energies this week are going to be potent! 474 more words

The Be Wary, Bitches! Moon Day Forecast

Today's reading


Seven of Wands

A time to make decisions and priorities. Focus on what you really need in your life and what it is timely to cut away. 52 more words


Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Tarot: 3 of Scepters * (3 of Wands)

Reversed, instead of seeking out new opportunities and/or following up on something that presents itself today, I might choose to remain still, inactive. 300 more words


Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Daily Draw 07-28-2014

Lenormand: 4 House

House, home, security, safety, origin, foundation; self/body. Putting the house/home more into the foreground today, getting things done for/around the house. 811 more words