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Tcotd - 6 wands - 17-4-14

Today, rise above what you do not want to be involved in. Allow yourself the odd pat on the back, and small victories. Things today may change at a rate of knots, but still, you can be happy that progress means moving forward. A great day!


New Card, New Saga

Hi Internet,

First of all, I’d like to thanks the slow accumulating followers and likes for me posts. You guys are awesome regardless of the reasons… 502 more words

The Thomson-Leng Tarot Deck, 8

The Trumps, part 1

The Thomson-Leng Trumps may appear to be nothing more than clones of their Waite-Smith opposite numbers, but on close inspection many differences, some glaring, others more subtle, can be discerned. 534 more words


What is Tarot?

Taken from vocabulary.com:

An oracle is something or someone through which the universe, god, your true self (or whatever you want to call it) speaks. … 184 more words


Shameless Self Promotion

So I like to draw. I’m not super great, but I love to do it. And I decided to use my television obsession to my advantage and actually make something. 35 more words

shuffling the deck

sleep walks thru the quiet house
shuffling the days moments
into nights dreams

dealing the cards of knaves
and queens, hearts and diamonds,
cups and swords… 33 more words


Are you obsessed with your cards?

How you know when you are obsessed with Taro

  • You collect decks like they are going out of fashion
  • You treat your cards like babies – wrapping them up for the night, cleaning them, protecting them from other fortune telling decks etc…
430 more words