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Visual Exploration: Taryn Simon

In our introduction to Visual exploration we were introduced to a photographer called Taryn Simon in a video about her exhibition called A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters. 271 more words



Today we were introduced to the Tate website. I have been a fond visitor of the Tate and I have always been aware that the website is a great resource when studying different artists and gaining knowledge. 478 more words


Is photography ‘The ultimate lie or the greatest proof?’

Today I looked into the work of photographer Taryn Simon, and her work titled ‘Living Man Declared Dead’. 378 more words

Taryn Simon and Simon Norfolk.

From the video link on the Tate website photographer Taryn Simon was made known. Her work ‘A living man declared dead and other chapters exhibited at the TATE modern gallery is based upon her travel of 4 years recording people’s bloodlines and related stories. 344 more words

"...Photography being the greatest proof of life..." or is it?

Part of the introduction to the Visual Exploration unit this year was looking at the vast range of resources available to use online, this included Tateshots part of the Tate online. 350 more words

Visual Exploration

Visual Exploration- week one

Today we had an introduction to Tate Online where we researched some photographers including Taryn Simon and Simon Norfolk. I was really interested by the way that Taryn… 390 more words

Visual Exploration: An introduction

Today we watched a video on the TATE website which documented the production of Simon Norfolk’s exhibition: ‘Photo’s from Afghanistan’ in which he follows the footsteps of Irish photographer John Burke. 232 more words