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Maplelea Monday: We've got the blues!

No, we’re not sad, but we’re wearing blue!

Alexi in Slam Dunk, Leonie in Melody in Blue, Taryn in Summerhill Stroll, Saila in Jenna’s original outfit and Sports Energy Pack (this outfit has recently been through a much-needed update), Jenna in her snowsuit, and Brianne is wearing Taryn’s outfit (which is a bit too pale for Brianne). 6 more words

Saturday mail & a photo

I received postcards in the mail saying that the office in Bolivia received my “packages” for Marianela and Elizabeth.  Again, this was just a small envelope with the little canvas bags I decorated for them.   162 more words

Celebrating Canada Day in Canada!

You know I’m a fan of Canada, but this year is the first year I got to be in Canada for Canada Day!  My friend took me to Whistler for my birthday, and I brought Taryn! 45 more words

more info about Taryn/STC

I received Taryn’s sponsorship packet today, and found out that she is in Arkansas!  This is actually pretty cool as two of my daughters were born in Arkansas!   90 more words

On my worst days...

We all have those days… just those really really really bad days where nothing goes right, and you just feel like running away from everything.  On those days, people turn to different things to make themselves feel better.   199 more words

Maplelea Monday: Green Team

Green Team is the name of a Taryn outfit (that Alexi is wearing today), but it is also the name I have given to the Maplelea Girls today, because they’re all wearing green. 30 more words

Throwback Thursday

When I turned 18, I started modeling. Here’s a promotional video I did almost three years ago now! I haven’t been modeling, but I am still very interested in it. 8 more words