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Spiritual Wayfaring in Islam

A beautiful read on Sayr wa Suluk (Spiritual Journeying and Nearness to God) in Islam. Please enjoy the article here:  Spiritual Wayfaring in the Words of Shiite Muslim Mystics.pdf


on IKHLAS (Sincerity) in Islam

A great article on IKHLAAS (Sincerity for the Sake of God) in Islam. Please enjoy the read:

IKHLAS (Sincerity) for the Sake of God.pdf


Moderation of the ‘Ulamā’ of Deoband

By Dr. ‘Allāmah Khālid Maḥmūd
Translated by Prof. Murtaz Ḥusayn F. Qurayshī

In the understanding and explaining of religion the ‘Ulamā’ of Deoband are neither convinced of that method which may be altogether severed from the past because it is not a continuous relation – it is a new path, nor are they convinced of this extreme that under the force of custom and convention and conformance to the ancestors every heretic innovation may be introduced into Islām. 868 more words


Mantiq'ut-Tayr (the Conference of the Birds)

A beautiful mystic poetry book by Farid’ud-Din Attar; Mantiq’ot-Tair (the Conference of the Birds). A must read for the devotees of thy path, for spiritual wayfaring.


Return to Almighty ALLAH, before you return to ALLAH.

Muhammad Hasan