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Rumi meeting with Shams

After Burhan al-Din Tirmidhi passed away, Rumi began lectur­ing in the madrasa in Konya and training students. He had tak­en his first lessons from his father, the king of scholars. 6,106 more words


Hear Our Holy Music

~ Hear Our Holy Music ~

Say one healing word,
trigger what’s higher,
I’ll hold your hand,
be present,
show love.
be gentle, 13 more words



I made an oath to myself:
as long as I live
as long as my soul
remains in this body
I won’t deviate from the right way… 47 more words

Life's Afterglow

~ Life’s Afterglow ~

My love, stop sometimes
to catch the fireflies
of life’s afterglow.
Come sit by my side
and listen to your echo, 18 more words

Spiritual Art

Like a Broken Bowl

~ Like a Broken Bowl ~

Your subtlety shattered me
in billions of pieces
like a broken bowl
with fragments scattered
upon the floor
for all to behold. 41 more words

Spiritual Art