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(39) Print-Based Media Production

Investigating Print-Based Media Production Techniques and Technology – Producing the Product

While producing the poster, I screenshot what I was doing as evidence to how I completed the poster, as well as creating videos. 79 more words

Unit 18

Task One: test shot and planning shoots

Task one is to produce 6 self portraiture pieces, each of which must be of a very different style. Three of them must be shot in a studio, and the other three much be shot on location. 161 more words


Resolution Response Sketchmodel - Clockwork

The task was to produce a sketch model and a sketch visual for a watch shop or a perfume shop. I chose to create the interiors of a watch shop and made the following sketch model based on clockwork interiors.

Task One

Sketch Visuals - Independent Study

Seeing everyday objects as inspiration, create a sketch visual of an interior space of your choice. I used an image of some folded sheets. The way it had been stacked reminded me of a library.

Task One

Sketch Visuals - Stylised People

We need people in Visuals to give a sense of scale, atmosphere and function. Stick men can look childish and unprofessional, so we try and develop our own stylised way of drawing people:

Task One