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Three Goals

It’s that time again, Blogging University 201. I’m in the middle of reworking my categories and improvement to the visual impact of my blog. Our task today is to set three goals. 26 more words


The vortex of style

I’ve happened upon one of the best sketch clubs I’ve ever had the good fortune to attend in tough and vibrant Glasgow, tucked away behind an inconspicuous back door in a dive bar perched on the outer skirts of the city centre. 1,877 more words

SPSiteDataQuery and Task lists

Once again I wondered why the hack SPSiteDataQuery is not returning all the tasks I meant to be displayed. I debugged the query, modified where statements and scopes. 166 more words


#Task 7. USERS & ROLES

Create a Poll about this topic. Follow these steps:

a) Go to Dashboard / Users / Invite New
b) Click on learn more about roles… 34 more words


Taking hold of your stress

Stress is your mind and body’s reaction to overwhelming events and thoughts (otherwise known as stressors) that may “disturb” us. We all experience it at times in our life be it from work, family, unexpected events, or life changes. 630 more words


on car windows—
first of cold mornings
erasing breath

Work distractions and interruptions

Overcoming distractions and interruptions

Interruptions and distractions impose heavily on our ability to organize work schedules. Not only is there the actual time lost through the interruption but, more importantly, the effort of getting back to the original task and re-focusing attention. 496 more words