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Manage a Realistic To-Do List

Look at your To-Do list. Think about each task on that list. How much time do you think each task will realistically take? Now if you tally up the total amount of time needed to accomplish all your tasks today – how much time is that? 270 more words

Time Management

Accept It Now OR GO TO HELL??? More Institutional Church Dogma Deconstructed!


This post will be brief and to the point. One of the many experiences I remember going through when I was within the clutches of the institutional church prison was that of being told that if I didn’t immediately understand something that I was told or something that was being taught to me, that I ran the risk of going to hell because I was doubting the Most High and not trusting in him enough. 640 more words

Self-Transcending Action (a self-exploration)

Hello to all of you!  I have been away some around this past weekend, taking some much-needed time to be supportive of my family and getting some self renewal going before the business of the season really hits. 507 more words

Off The Mat

The power of little wins... and how to use it to your advantage

We all strive to finish our big projects, but sometimes focusing on the big picture is what causes our projects to fail.

I work at a large engineering company as a project manager. 390 more words

4 hour Blam! earning tasks

Obviously you would be reserving the 4 hour tasks for when you watch re-runs of Family Guy – because you can’t stop once you begin! Or you might be wanting to watch that 3 hour movie we were talking about before! 224 more words

Family Guy

2 hour Blam! earning tasks

You may be watching a movie but definitely do not want to miss out on earning Blam! energy drinks! 2 hours would give you enough time to watch a movie and prepare fresh popcorn (unless it’s a 3 hour long movie – in that case, you would need the 4 hour Blam! 189 more words

Family Guy

1 hour Blam! earning tasks

If you need to have dinner or watch a programme on TV, you may want to put your characters on hour tasks (which earn more than putting your characters on 2 hour tasks). 195 more words

Family Guy